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Go onto Xbox live if you can

On Xbox live, check out a free video of some dudes in red jump suits playing Xbox on Jimmie Fallon with no controller.  Or you can just Google it, I'm sure it's all over the web by now.  Ok, they are not actually playing Xbox on Jimmy Fallon the person, they are guests on the show.  Although, if they were actually standing on Jimmy Fallon while playing Xbox in a red jumbsuit and no controller, that would also be a pretty good video.


Is Controllerless Gaming the Future?


I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, no, it's not.  It's only a part of the future of gaming.  I think there can be a ton done with it and it will be interesting to see what game designers will come out with which utilizies the technology.  I can tell you right now, playing kickball isn't gonna cut it.  I thinks it's safe to say that as long as there are video games to be played there will be buttons to be mashed, triggers to be pulled, and thumbsticks to be tweaked.  I'm not jumping out of chair about this controllerless stuff just yet, but I do wanna where I can get one of those red jumpsuits.  An official Project Natal one, that'd be cool.





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