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Modern Warfare 2 and Good Grip Go Hand in Hand

It's no secret that Modern Warfare 2  is one, if not the best shooter to come along since, well, since Call of Duty Modern Warfare.  Like the original Modern Warefare, Modern Warefare 2 brings intense action to your gaming experience.  It has totally gone over the top, adding new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, bigger maps, new scopes, the list goes on.  The pre-game lobby is even better.  With all these upgrades comes an even greater and more intense gaming experience than the original.  Which brings me to my point, if your hands aren't sweating when playing this game in campaign mode or online, you're not trying hard enough.  To take advantage of everything this title has to offer and rank up fast, don't get caught wiping your hands on your pants, the action is too tight, too sharp, there's no time for it, unless you like taking a round to the dome piece.  You know how hard it is to snipe when your thumb slips off the thumb stick?  You're in campaign mode climbing up an ice cliff, do you think you'll have time to blow dry your paws?  How about racing a snowmobile down a mountain barely escaping trees and cliffs on either side of you, do you think a set of stickers on your controller is going to help you there?  Here's what I do, I settle in, apply some GhostGrip, and I know I'm good for hours of sweat free game play, period.  It even stays effective in between games when I have a need to reach for my favorite frosty beverage.  Speaking of online gameplay, unlock the spec-ops missions and you and others can run through some missions together online!  Sometimes you'll have a guy on the ground while you're piloting a gunship, do you really want the enemy to smoke your friend because your bright idea of putting baby powder on your hands reeked havok on your controller?  No, I didn't think so.  GhostGrip is formulated to not leave residue build up on your controller, unlike other "home remedies" out there.  GhostGrip is the real deal.


Modern Warefare 2 and Grip Review


Let's review, why is it important to have a good dry grip and maintain it while playing Modern Warfare 2.  1.  You don't want to get popped because you're wiping your hands on your pants.  2.  You want to be able to own peeps with your sniper skills.  3.  You don't want to fall off a cliff  4.  You don't want to slam you snowmobile into a old growth pine tree.  5.  You don't want to fail your partner in spec-ops and get removed from his friends list.   

Controller Grip Is Important to PS3 Players

Recent studies have shown that have a good dry grip on your gaming controller is important.  Not only can it help you become a more competitve gamer, it can also help you avoid Playstation Palm.  A medical condition charactarized by a redness and tenderness of the palm and caused for friction between your hands and the game controller.    

What's Available To Help Get a Better Contoller Grip

Fortunately there are solutions to sweaty hands.  Among them are hand antiperspirants such as GhostGrip.  These are a lotion or liquid that prevent your hands from sweating.  GhostGrip works for up to four hours per application, is none staining, and washes off easily with soap and water.  You can also use other things to keep your hands dry such as talc, rossin, pine tar, saw dust, etc.  Problem with these solutions is that they are messy and will leave a build up on your controller or can leave residue inside the controller leading to controller failure.  There are also other solutions to the problem including perscription medication and surgery, but if you get sweaty hands from gaming, some of these methods may seem to be a little overkill.  

So to recap, you've been invited to your friends house for some PS3 action and when you get there you go to give him a handshake and you grab his hand to shake it and he squinches in pain.  You wonder what is going one, so you take a look at his hands and they're all red and sore.  You ask him what's up and he tells you he has Playstation Palms because his hands sweat when he plays PS3. Now let's pause it right there, here is the perfect opportunity to break out the tube of GhostGrip you carry with you and educate your buddy on why it's important to play with a dry set of paws while gaming, however, you have now reached a moral impass.  Do you help your friend out, thus, bypassing all the future trash talking and beat downs you'll be handing him on PS3 because you have dry hands and he has Playstation Palms, or do you keep GhostGrip a secret and continue to own your friend in every game out there?  That my friend is something you will have to answer for yourself.

So let’s take a look at both scenarios to help you better decide how you will handle the issue. Let’s say you go with option A.  You’re going to break out your tube of GhostGrip and educate your friend. 
After all, this is your buddy and it’s the right thing to do, look at him, he’s suffering and you can help.  Possible outcome to this are that he will really appreciate at first, take your advice use GhostGrip and then proceed to either own you in the future because now you are an even playing field or he will take your advice use GhostGrip and provide you with a more worthy opponent, thus increasing the level of your game and working out good for both of you. 

So I guess introduce the dude to GhostGrip unless you’re scared he’s got more skills than you.  Option b is let your boy continue to try to deal with his sweaty hands while gaming, thus allowing you to easily own him and laugh as you watch his anguish in getting defeated while dealing with a slippery controller. 

At this point, this is kind of like Fable, do you want to be the good guy or the bad guy?  Problem with option b is it’s just not right.  While it may offer temporary enjoyment, it’s just not a good long term strategy for you or your friend.  For one, you’re going to get bored owning all the time and for two, that’s not going to help you improve your own skills.  We all know it’s fun laying a beat down on your friend on PS3, but it’s also fun doing it online to a stranger.  Introducing your buddies to GhostGrip will ultimately help you take your game to the next level and showcase your skills in a bigger arena.  So, we choose option b at first obviously.  You beat up on your friend for a little on PS3 and then when he’s crumpled up crying and pouting this is the moment we spring out the GhostGrip and say, check this out.  Be careful here though cause you got to preface your approach.  Don’t get to trigger happy, set it up with something like, “You know Bob, I’ve been owning you all day on the PS3 and it’s getting a little boring, I know that my skills are far superior to yours, so I have no problem letting you in on a little secret…”  That’s when you break out the GhostGrip and say, “Check this out.  This isn’t entirely the reason you’ve been getting thrashed all day, but you’re my friend, and I can’t continue to see you suffer and struggle.  Besides, like I said, I need you to be a little more competitive because you’re bringing my game down by sucking so bad.  I’m going to leave this here for you, take a couple days off and let yourself heal up and then use this next time you play.  Get some practice in, I’ll stop by next weekend to check in with you and this time I don’t want you crying like a little baby cause you’re getting worked.  If you run out, go to GhostGrip.com and order a two pack, one for you and one to pay me back.”That should do it, leave the tube of GhostGrip, you can always order more at GhostGrip.com. 

The key here is to make sure you stay sharp.  Remember, your buddy is now using GhostGrip and his skills may be rapidly improving, you don’t want to go back there and walk into a dang hornet’s nest and get worked yourself.  Tell next time.


Play Assassin's Creed

You gotta love those Canadians, or, at least the Ubisoft team based in Montreal.  Being a hockey fan, I've grown to like America's northern neighbors, but Assassin's Creed gives me even more motivation to say,, what's up hose heads.  If you haven't played Assassin's Creed yet, do it now.  The original was a literal Mona Lisa in gaming, the graphics and cinematics were and are still unparraleled.  Speaking of modern works of art, the newest installment bosts a quote from Leonardo himself, "Our life is made by the death of others".  Hmmm, what better a quote for a game about the Assassin?  If you like history, Assassin's Creed doesn't dissapoint, you get to see the world from the Assassin's view.  This time in 1476 Italy.  If you haven't played the first installment of Assassin's Creed, pick it up and do it, cause the new one is scheduled for release.


A Change in Scenary


In the first Assassin's Creed you got to explore the Holy Land during the 12th Century and what a job they did at Ubisoft bringing this experience to your HD set.  This time, we fast forward the clock as the egalitarian Assassin's face off again against the Templars.  Explore the waterways and canals of Venice as you complete your missions and experience a whole new world of intrigue, commerce and politics.  Expect to explore not only urban but rural countryside as you complete your missions.  Seems like a nice balance to me.  Run across rooftops then sneak in by water to your assassination target.  Visit historic places such as Da Vinci's workshop, continue your adventure and along the way witness the faces of the renaissance.   All this, with a wider variety of weopans access and player movements!  


A Common Complaint


A common complaint of the first installment of Assassin's Creed was after a while it took on a repetitive feel.  In Creed II, the game designiers have made an honest effort to depart from the strict mission concept and present a more open format.  In the new game, a player will have a little more decisions to make as far as where they want to go, when, and who they want to take out.  Passive actions like eavesdropping and pickpocketing have been replaced by more active ones, like trailing a suspect.  All this, and the easier travel from place to place will undoubtedly lead to more action.


New AI

Icing on the cake is new AI, and new enemies.  This game is gonna be a winner.  While sticking to it's roots, it's intelligently expanded and sharpened it's game play.  Even to the point of adding a night/day feature, so you know when it's time to hit the rack before you get canned from your job for being late to work.  Basically, letting you get a better sense on the passage of time.


Assassin's Creed II, get your GhostGrip ready!


Little Mac


If you ever got the pleasure of playing the original arcade Punch Out,,, what up bra!!!  Nuff said on that.  If not, there was the NES version, which in itself was pretty dang good considering you had basically a rectangle with a d-pad and an a and b button to work with.  My favorite dude to whoop up on was Soda Popinski, and to this day, that's the name of my hockey player on NHL09.   On top of that, Nintendo went out and did something historically significant, they released Mike Tyson's Punchout, how bada$$ is that.  To bad ole Iron Mike had to be the guinee pig of blockbuster video game deals, I bet if his peeps could turn back the clock, he'd be getting a little jingle off this new release for the Wii.  Why,, cause MT put punchout on the map yo.  Anyway, enough about video game history, let's look at this classic from Nintendo.


Viva La France


Here's the best part of the new Punch-out.  Glass Joe has a voice now, and while 17 year old 107 pound Little Mac is hookin up the rights and left, heavy french accented Glass Joe pops off with things like "Viva La France" and "Bonjour".  How awesome is that?  All the old foes are there, the big Canadian Bear Hugger, you can still bust King Hippo in the gut.  Let's not forget the german Von Kaiser or the vain Don Flamenco from Spain.  However, there is a surprise new opponent, introducing in the glitter corner, Disco Kid, a dancing fool that may try to grease lightning you if you get dizzy'd by his fancy footwork.


All in all, Punch-Out on Wii looks to be all the fun of the original arcade classic brought right into your living room, courtest of Nintendo.  You may not need your GhostGrip for Glass Joe, but make sure you dab rub and clap for the Disco Kid.





 Gears of War 2 Now On Sale

Gears of War 2 is out, and for the past weekend or so, I've been applying the GhostGrip in steady 4 hour doses to keep my hands dry as the online play for Gears is ridicoulous.  Initial thoughts, wow, I really am impressed with the pre-game lobby.  They've basically taken the best of pre-game lobbies and combined them into one.  On top of that, you can practice by yourself or with friends by setting up a match with bots.  This will allow you and your friends to work on your technique and strategy on different maps. 


 Horde Mode Yo

Nice.  Also, in the new Horde mode, you can just have the game send you a steady supply of enemies to dispatch.  Now, that all sounds wonderful, so here's the bad, stinking grenades on walls... absolutely flawed and uncalled for.  #1. it's almost impossible to see the things when you're running around trying to find someone to shoot at.  #2.  Just the very way that they work is encouraging overuse and abuse by wussies.  Those two things combined do not make for very good game play.  Till next time,,, keep your hands dry.

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