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Guitar Games and synthesisers


Ok, we've all witnessed the tremendous rise of these musical instrument games, is it just me, or is this one of the most ridiculous things you've ever witnessed?  I mean, seriously?  Back in the eighties, they came out with these little synthesizer pianos, even down to key chain size, and I swear, if those hadn't of been brought to market, China would be half the population it is today.  Those little synthisizer gadgets feed half of Taiwan.  So anyway, basically some companies took out some duct tape and taped those things to Playstations and X-boxes and the like everywhere, sheeeesssh, I think they even have a full blown drum set you can buy.  Here's the thing though, to each his own.  Gaming in itself is entertainment, it's escape, it's fantasy, etc... So why not make a little fake guitar and intergrate it's controlls into a bunch of screaming fans and positive feedback on a tv set?  Awesome idea.  All I gotta say though, if you wanna play, I can respect that, fine, but don't go spouting off about your Guitar Hero skills or knowledge of what makes good music or who a kick a$$ band is.  Get a real Guitar and play that like a champ and then come talk to me.  That's like going up to some Marine and talking crap about your Call of Duty score.  Yeah, I'm running smack, and I don't even know how to play a guitar, so what?  Doesn't change the fact that I think there is just something slightly amiss with this whole Guitar-a-Game stuff going on, just sayin...

Call of Duty, World War II style

Got the new Call of Duty release in my sweaty palms and couldn't wait to get it home and let it bask in the laser light of my xbox.  Popped it in and played around with the game modes a bit, same basic stuff as Call of Duty 4.  However, noticably, the graphics and overall tone and mood of the game was different, thought I was playing some generic shooter.  The saving grace, the impeccable Call of Duty mechanics, it was this alone that allowed me to continue.  I gotta say, after a while the more colorful Call of Duty started growing on me, started to feel a little hip retro-ish in a way.  Then it was time to play online.  I jumped into a deathmatch game and immeditaly concluded that the multi-player game was on crack.  Everything moved at ridiculous speeds, it seemed like every player had extreme conditioning, naturally.  The excessive speed at which everyone in the match moved around combined with the "cap gun" like sounds of most of the weapons started to turn me off in a hurry.  After a dozen of so matches my nerves were shot, I was in the mood to down a red bull, rub on the sweat controller, and give it the old college try, after all, this is a Call of Duty release, something gotta give right?  Wrong, it only made me want to put in COD4 and play a real game for awhile before hitting the rack.  However, this one's staying in the stable, somethings gonna click someday, they might update or give it some other saving grace, but for now, it's gotta make due cleaning out the stahls.  I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone over the age of 17 or on any type of medication.  Now, that said, I am more than sure that this title will make a come back in my library, but right now, just not in the mood for it's hyper game play, but, to each his own.

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