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       How it works - Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk

Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Chalk Alternative

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Liquid Chalk

Looking for a Chalk Alternative that is a lotion?

Liquid chalk is a lotion that helps you fight a case of hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. Liquid chalk is particularly used in rock climbing, but has found its usage in activities like yoga, which is related to sweating of the hands. Chalk that is liquid helps in inhibiting the perspiration of your hands and feet. Chalk powder is often used as an antiperspirant. Liquid form of chalk also succeeds in giving a massive grip for your hands.

Advantages of Using Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is different from chalk balls due to its non dust properties. This is why you don’t run the risk of creating a mess. This is a must for the yoga practitioner. If you want to go for an effective liquid chalk antiperspirant, use the Ghost Grip lotion which is a helpful method of fighting sweaty hands.

Chalk that is toned down to its liquid form is not really runny. It is rather a fluid substance that can be applied to the hands as well as feet to serve the dual functions:

  • To improve your grip, and
  • To reduce sweating

Liquid form of chalk, unlike the traditionally used variant of powder, does not soil the equipment. Chalk liquid doesn't even leave stains of the powder on your clothing. Additionally, it prevents chalk from being inhaled.

Liquid chalk is generally available in 250ml plastic bottles that are re-sealable. Chalk liquid is used to improve your hand grip while you are training. Given below are some of its uses:

  • Reduces sweating vastly
  • Improves grip physically
  • Facilitates you to deliver better performance

Sports in which Liquid Chalk is Used

  • Climbing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Bowling

Liquid and powdered chalk is made of non toxic components such as alcohol, magnesium carbonate, thickening agent and mild perfume. Liquid chalk solution, if applied on your hands and feet in minimal quantities, or spread on the ends of the yoga mat, helps alleviate the perspiring process.

Liquid Chalk Solution

A liquid chalk solution eliminates the risk of losing grip by enabling you to focus on your training/competition. Chalk liquid reduces dust inhaling risks, especially while climbing. Liquid lotion prevents sweat and betters the adhesion process without being tacky. Chalk liquid works even in wet weather.

The chalk solution acts as a good base for blocks, powders or chalk balls; hence its effect is made to last longer. Liquid antiperspirant can be washed off with soap water. A liquid chalk solution, once washed off, can be replaced with a moisturizer since the antiperspirant dries your skin to a certain extent..



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