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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Sports Grip Tips

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Sports - Shooting

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Chalk Alternative

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Feet Antiperspirant No Chalk in Fitness Gym Solution

Chalk Lotion to Improve Your Hand Grip

Improve your Hand Grip Strength with Ghost Grip

A strong grip is an essential part of all kinds of sport players. To improve your grip strength, a number of exercises are available for you to follow.

To hold any substance, you make use of your thumb, fingers, palm and wrist to grab hold of it and pull it towards the direction you want. Grip strength for all kinds of sports can be improved by working on their muscles and flexibility. Improve grip strength by following some simple exercises.

Improve Grip

Grip strength of a person can be divided into 3 different categories:

  1. Pinch grip
  2. Crushing grip
  3. Holding or supporting

Pinch Grip

Pinch grip strength is used to hold a substance between your fingers and thumb. It is very necessary for almost all sport enthusiasts to improve their pinch grip as it will come in handy in their sport.

Pinch grip for fingers can be improved by following a simple method. Purchase a few soft hand balls of medium size and deflate them. Fill the balls partially with water. This will add weight to the ball. Now inflate the ball partially. Place one partially inflated ball in each hand and pinch them. Now lift the balls and hold them for around 10 to 60 seconds as per your ability. As and when you become better, increasing the time you hold them. You can even walk around with them. As you get better, inflate the balls with water or air to increase the difficulty of gripping them.


Crushing is the second kind of grip that you must practice. Crushing is more or less like pinching, but here you grab a substance between your fingers and palm instead. Your thumb provides only minimal support. Grip strength for your palms can be improved greatly by practicing this exercise.

You can improve grip for your hands by using dumbbells. Remove the small weights off a dumbbell and place them in front in such a way that they stand parallel to your chest. Now hold them is such a way that your wrists face out. Grip the dumbbells in such a way that discs fall in between your palm and your four fingers. Improve the crushing strength of your hands by following this routine. You can use thicker discs every time you get better at holding them.

Holding or Supporting

Grip strength can be greatly improved by increasing your holding capacity. Once you have worked on perfecting a solid holding technique, you must increase this ability to its maximum level. A simple form of exercise to improve this ability would be to fill up a bucket with heavy substance and carrying it till you can afford to.

You can use any ordinary bucket or container with a comfortable handle. Ideally, you can also fill up the bucket with rocks and then carry the bucket across the room again and again till you possibly can. You can also use paint buckets for this purpose.

Apart from these exercises, there are some other methods of excursion that you can follow to improve grip. You can try performing push ups on your fingertips rather than your hand palms. This form of exercise is extremely helpful for building the muscles in your fingers and hands.

Grip for your fingers can alternatively be strengthened by indulging in some isometric exercise that involves using your own strength against yourself.

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