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Nintendo Wii Remote Controller

Need a grip on the Wii remote controller?

There is no doubt about the fact that Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular and in demand home video game consoles to hit the international markets. Nintendo Wii is termed as the game console belonging to the seventh generation and has become a huge hit among gaming enthusiasts around the world since its launch in 2006. In the long list of Nintendo home game inventions, Nintendo Wii is the 5th product launch.

The main competition faced by Nintendo Wii comes from Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. Each home video game comes with its own controller device. Controller device for most modern video games are available in the form of a remote. Controller remote for Nintendo Wii is also similar to other modern video game remote controller.

Nintendo introduced its Wii remote controller when the game was introduced for the public in 2006. The Wii remote is approximately 148 mm long. The controller is fitted with buttons that, when pressed, respond with specific actions related to video game which will be visible on the screen in front of you. Each button on the Nintendo Wii controller will coordinate with a definite action or manner in which the onscreen character will move or perform. Controller remote is required to be pointed directly at the screen before the buttons are pressed.

Wii Controller is unique in the sense that it is completely wire-less, unlike other old traditional controller devices which were connected to the screen or the computer through wires or cables. The Wii Controller is also different from the previous traditional controller offered by Nintendo due to its shape.

Nintendo Wii controller was previously available in the form of keyboards, steering wheels, game pads, paddles, yokes and joysticks. Over the years, the Nintendo controller devices have undergone several changes, renovations and modernizations. The Nintendo Wii remote’s the newest addition to list of controllers developed by the company. It is not only the most modern adaptation but is also the most technologically advanced enhancement controller.

Wii remote controller introduced by Nintendo is an indispensable part of the home video game console. Controller remote for Nintendo is a hand held device that comes along with the game console.

Wii remote offered by Nintendo is also known as Wiimote. Wii remote controller is shaped exactly as a normal television remote control. It is to be held in the hand as normal remote and pointed at the game screen.

How Wii Remote Controller Works

Wii remote controller provided by Nintendo can detect the movement of characters on the screen from three dimensions. This makes the Wii remote controller a unique controller device, unlike one ever seen before.

The Wii remote controller provided by Nintendo can also receive messages sent through the Internet while it is on the standby mode. Nintendo has made the modern Wii remote controller much simpler and sleeker than the traditional Nintendo controller. The sleeker look also gives it a more sophisticated appearance that has made it a huge hit amongst the gamers.

Wii remote controller is also easier to hold. Since the Wii remote controller made by Nintendo can be securely held in the palm of your hand, it offers a more relaxed experience to the players. The operation of the Wii remote controller also becomes very easy, thanks to the sleek model and the easy handling option. Hardcore Nintendo video game lovers are huge fans of the Wii remote controller.

For owners of any Nintendo home video game, the Wii remote controller is a truly enchanting accessory that has awarded them better powers and methods to enjoy their favorite Nintendo video game in the best way possible.

The Wii remote produced by Nintendo is equipped with hi-tech support which ensures easy handling and captivating gaming experience for the players.

The shape of the Wii remote is vertical. This means that, while playing the Nintendo Wii game console, players can point the Wii remote directly at the screen. This will ensure more accuracy in your aim and the Wii remote will be able to coordinate with your actions in a better way. With the help of the vertical shape of the remote, you can point the remote exactly where you want the action to take place on the screen. Thus, there will be no confusion or miss of any instruction while playing your favorite Nintendo game.

To build the perfect Wii remote, Nintendo made use of infrared detection devices as well as in-built accelerometers. With the help of these inputs, the Wii remote can sense its exact position within a 3D diameter when it is pointed towards the screen.

The in-built censors of the Wii remote also ensure that, as a player, you can control the movements of the characters of the game through activities and gestures. This itself is a huge advancement over the traditional button press remote. But the best part about the Wii remote is that you can use a combination of both of these features, which gives you greater advantage while playing your favorite game.

The Wii remote is connected through Bluetooth, an internal speaker and other features with the main Nintendo console. You will also find a proprietary port which is located at the base of the Wii remote. You can make use of this port to connect the Wii remote with other devices for the purpose of expansion. Another offer extended by Nintendo includes the Nunchuk unit along with the Wii remote which you can avail with the Wii retail package itself.

The Wii remote Nunchuk unit comes with a complete set of traditional analog stick and an accelerometer which includes 2 trigger buttons. The Wii remote is also attached with a convenient wrist strap that ensures that you do not have to worry about the remote slipping out of your hand during the game. When a game becomes extremely exciting or fast paced, the player may grip the Wii remote too tight. In such cases, the players’ hand may get sweaty and he/she may find that the remote suddenly slips away or gets thrown away in excitement. The Wii remote wrist strap prevents any such occurrence to a large extent. But, as an enthusiastic player, you may also try the effective Ghost Grip hand lotion to ensure that your hands do not turn sweaty or slippery. In fact, many players have found Ghost Grip to be an ideal accessory while playing their favorite home video game.

Recently there were a few complaints that the Wii remote was not as effective or strong enough. Complaints of breakage and strap failure have led to a stronger and more effective wrist strap replacement for the Wii remote. In fact, you will be offered these straps for free along with the Wii remote.

Features of Wii Remote

  1. The Wii remote is equipped with 4 blue LED’s at the lower side of the remote. These LED’s show how much battery power is left in the Wii remote.
  1. The Wii remote was promoted to be available in 3 colors, namely white, black and blue. But this was subsequently stopped and the remote was made available only in the primary color, white.
  1. The new Wii remote wrist straps feature a lock clip that helped ensure that the strap did not open automatically with frequent play.
  1. Along with the free wrist straps, players are also being offered a Wii remote jacket completely free of cost. The jacket, made with silicon material provides a cushion effect for the remote, thereby making it easier for the player to hold on to the remote.
  1. The remote is equipped with the PixArt optical sensor which allows the remote to sense which direction the player is pointing the remote at while playing.
  1. The sensor bar of the Wii console allows the remote to sense the light coming from it, thereby enabling it to act accordingly. The sensor bar is required to be kept either above or below the television, but in such a way that it is located in the central position.
  1. The Wii remote also has its own speaker that is installed into the face of the device. This helps to enhance the effect of the game while playing as you will be able to hear the exact sound that relates to the action you wish to perform with the help of your remote.
  1. The Wii Remote is equipped with a 16 KiB EEPROM chip. Out of this, a total of 6 kilobytes can be used by the player to read or write, as per his/her wish. In order to play certain specified games, you will be required to use certain Mii avatars. Part of the memory of the remote is used for storing these Mii data. But around 4,000 bytes are available for full use by the player.
  1. The Wii remote uses two AA batteries for powering it up. The AA batteries are effective for a period of 60 hours if the player is using the remote for only the accelerometer function itself. If the player uses the remote for both accelerometer as well as pointer functions, the batteries will last for around 25 hours.
Players can also connect a Classic Controller to the Wii remote through a chord to play in the traditional style of remote controlling.



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