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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

Antiperspirant Lotions What is Hand Antiperspirant
strong grip How to Cure Sweaty Hands
Liquid Chalk Grip Pro
Hand Antiperspirant Hyperhidrosis Lotion Treatment
non-slippery skin Anti-Sweat Lotion Improves Grip
Liquid Chalk Grip Gloves
drying the surface Antiperspirant Lotion Stops Sweat
stop the player’s hands from perspiring Chalk Lotion with Talcum
non-sticky hand antiperspirant Anti-Sweat Hand Grip Lotion
Prevent Sweaty Palms Prevent Sweaty Palms
Dry Grip Lotion Dry Grip Lotion
Sweat Controller Lotion Sweat Controller Lotion
Liquid Chalk Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk Power Grip

Video Game Controller Grip

Video Game Controller Grip Video Game Controller Grip
Nintendo Wii Controller Grip Nintendo Wii Controller Grip
Microsoft Xbox 360 Grip Controller Microsoft Xbox 360 Grip Controller
Sony Playstation 3 Grip Controller Sony Playstation 3 Grip Controller
Sony PSP Controller Grip Sony PSP Controller Grip
Nintendo DS Grip Controller Nintendo DS Grip Controller
Nintendo Wii Controller Nintendo Wii Controller
Video Game Stocking Stuffer Video Game Stocking Stuffer

Sports Grip Tips

Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Handle Grip
Hands Sweat While Playing Grip
Hands Sweat While Playing Hands Sweat While Playing
Weightlifting Chalk Alternative Weightlifting Chalk Alternative
Improve Baseball Glove Grip Powerlifting Chalk
Improve Baseball Glove Grip Improve Baseball Glove Grip
Baseball Pitch Grip Control Baseball Pitch Grip Control
Increase Football Hand Grip Increase Football Hand Grip
Tennis Racket Grip Control Tennis Racket Grip Control
Hands Sweat in Glove Hands Sweat in Glove
Climbing Chalk Climbing Chalk
Enhance Volleyball Grip Pole Dancing Grip
Enhance Volleyball Grip Enhance Volleyball Grip
Kayak Paddle Grip Kayak Paddle Grip
Gymnast Chalk Alternative Lotion Gymnast Chalk Alternative Lotion
Martial Arts Grip Lotion Martial Arts Grip Lotion
Cricket Paddle Grip Lotion Cricket Paddle Grip Lotion
Powerlifting Chalk Lotion Powerlifting Chalk Lotion
Bouldering Chalk Bouldering Chalk
Improve Rock Climbing Grip Improve Rock Climbing Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Glove Grip
Rock Climbing Chalk Alternative Rock Climbing Chalk Alternative
Increase Grip Increase Grip
Dry Feet and Hands Snow Skiing Dry Feet and Hands Snow Skiing
Foot Anti-Sweat Lotion Foot Antiperspirant Lotion
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Bat Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Pole Dancer Grip

Sports - Shooting

Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Gun Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Colt Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Pistol Grip
Liquid Chalk Hand Grip

Chalk Alternative

Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial
Feet Antiperspirant No Chalk in Fitness Gym Solution

Nintendo DS Controller Grip

Nintendo NDS Portable Handheld Game Console

Nintendo DS also known as the NDS at times is a dual-screen handheld game console engineered and manufactured by Nintendo. This DS gadget was launched in the United States, Canada and Japan in 2004. This was the first Nintendo DS console released in North America prior to Japan. Being one of the closest competitors of the Sony PSP this Nintendo console has a series of features that include:

  • A clamshell Design (same as the Game Boy Advance SP)
  • Two inbuilt LCD Screens, the bottom one is touch-screen
  • A built-in microphone
  • Supports wireless IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) standards (with the DS Nintendo players can interact with anybody within range of 10-30 ms, conditions applied)
  • It allows players to chat online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service

Nintendo DS Video Game Console

Nintendo DS has a system code that is named “Nitro”. This particular DS gadget can be seen in the particular model number appearing on the unit (NTR-001). It is quite evident form the console’s name itself which officially refers to the “Developer’s System” (DS). Such a name roots from a reference to the developers of new game designs that the system was supposed to inspire. DS, the name also refers to the “dual screen” which is one of the most distinct and obvious features of the system. DS games use a proprietary solid state ROM "game card" format similar to the memory cards used in other portable electronic devices such as digital cameras.

Nintendo DS further went on to launch the Nintendo DS Lite in 2006. This latest Nintendo gadget is a redesign of the previous model in Japan. Thereon it was also released in Europe, North America and Australia in June 2006. DS Lite has brighter screen and is the slimmer and lighter version of the previous Nintendo DS.  Nintendo American, this version still holds on to the older model of the DS, taking it to be the original style of the DS. It was in October 2, 2008 that Nintendo announced the launch of Nintendo DSi at the company’s Fall Media Summit. The only moderation in this one is that the DSi is a little thinner, with larger screens than the DS Lite, an AAC playback capability and two cameras. But the only single drawback is that it doesn’t have a Game Boy Advance port.   

Nintendo DS Battery Life

The Nintendo DS contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 850 mAH. Once you charge it for full four-hours, the factory 850 mAH battery lasts for about 10 hours at a stretch. But then the battery life is eaten up by multiple factors including: 

  • Speaker volume
  • Use of one or both screens
  • Back lighting
  • Use of wireless connectivity

You will find a detailed section on the Nintendo DS Grip Controller later in this article after the detailed discussion on the specifications of the gadget is taken care of.

Nintendo DS Lite Control Grip

The Nintendo DS Lite is an attractive and compact transportable gaming system with an upright battery life to give you the absolute amount of enjoyment while gaming. Nintendo DS Lite at the same time is not the most handy if its kind. It has a boxy structure and you may face a little problem while holding it as the contour doesn’t set to your hand like any other modern console controller.  Right then and there comes in the issue of the grip. Grip Controller consist a significant part of any gaming paraphernalia.

Have you ever given it a thought as to how would it be like to enhance the shape of the DS while providing additional battery life and yet having a better grip?

Wouldn’t that be just great? But you don’t seem to believe that it’s actually possible! But believe it or not now with the Nyko Charger DS Grip Lite it is actually possible that way. DS Grip Charger from Nyko is a complete novelty in this case. The Nyko DS Nintendo grip comfortably secures the portable console you use, integrating it into the charger port to provide up to 8 extra hours of battery life. Controller DS Nintendo is a savior for all those who are not that alert and attentive when dealing with the DS controllers. DS can automatically remain portable for as many as 12 hours since the internal battery lasts for just 4 hours. Now you can increase the battery life and comfort of the DS lite with Nyko’s Charger Grip for the DS lite. The Charger Grip Lite has a built-in rechargeable NiMH battery that adds up to 8 hours of additional playtime. The batteries are enclosed in a user-friendly case intended to reduce the discomfort and supply a more comfortable hold for the extensive playing sessions on road trips, plane flights and more. The Charger Lite makes use of the existing DS Lite AC adaptor to charge both the external batteries.  

The brand new grip blesses the DS with a much more comfortable hold. Both your hands can now be at a lot of ease as the entire thing feels more like a console controller. Controller grip is the latest attraction of this Nyko product.

Grip, firm and strong, is necessary for the player to both feel confident and do well in the game. Nintendo falls short of providing you gamers the absolute specific gripping possibilities this time and hence Nyko comes to your rescue.

Grip Pad with Ghost Grip

But sometimes, the favorable contours of the gripping pad may not be enough. In case you have any excessive perspiration symptoms you can have sweaty hands during a gaming session leading to a slippery miss at the game. Many gamers seem to have highly sweaty hands during a game, as a result of heightened heart beat and nerves, resulting in excessive perspiration. An antiperspirant lotion may surely render serious help in such situations. One such lotion that has gained popularity in the recent times is the Ghost Grip anti-perspirant lotion. Just a dab of it on your hand and immediately you will find your palms turning dry. Ghost Grip will prevent the sweat from surfacing helping you to have a tight hold at the controllers in those speedy moments of the game.  Grip the controllers with a confident pair of dry palms and have the fun of gaming.

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