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Video Game Grip
Microsoft Xbox Controller Grip

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Video Game Controller Grip

Video Game Controller Grip Video Game Controller Grip
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Grip

Xbox 360 Elite Controller Grip, Xbox Live and Zune Grip, Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is the extension of the latest high performance wireless gaming from Microsoft Inc. that has hit the global market. The Xbox 360 Controller uses optimized technology and the Xbox allows the audiences to enjoy a unique one-of-its-kind 30-feet range. Xbox 360 controller has a (never before) 40 hours of life on the couple of included AA batteries. While in grip, if the batteries start running low, they will give you enough warning so that you can connect the Microsoft Xbox 360 Play and Charge kit beforehand for undisturbed playing. You only need to plug the Xbox 360 headset into the controller socket for a wholesome two-way voice communication. The wireless mode operates first at the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. Ghost Grip simplifies your game play.

Features of Microsoft Xbox Video Game Console

Some of the features that you can find in the Microsoft Xbox 360 are:

  • Xbox has a 2.4GHz along with a 30-feet range wireless technology.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 uses up to four controllers at once from a single console.
  • The Xbox has an integrated headset port for Microsoft Xbox live play! 
  • The Xbox 360 Controller has an adjustable vibration feedback for an extended battery life.
  • One advantageous feature of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is that, it has all-new left and right shoulder buttons that are custom-made to provide ease of use to the Microsoft customers.

With all such extended features in the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, do you think you can resist it? Xbox 360 guide will help you in all possible ways to keep good track of all your pals, at the same time access all your favorite games. As far as gripping comes, Ghost Grip can help you hold it better. The other additional vantages of the Microsoft Xbox Controller are media and a power on-off facility on your very own Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Console.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Grip the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller right now as the Xbox 360 Controller offers you a unique and inimitable gift. Guess what? Xbox 360 Controller gives you a wireless freedom! Just put a little Ghost Grip and get going smoothly!

Now, that means, you no longer have to get tensed if your pet or a friend runs in front of the TV while you grip the Xbox Controller.

That also means you no longer need to worry that the Xbox 360 controller cord will get yanked off from the console, sending you to stop at the Xbox Live in Halo program.

So, you become lucky enough to rid yourself of controller wires and cords. Now that calls for celebration!

Hence it can be very well said that the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is the best gift possible! Just the very mention of the Xbox 360 Microsoft Controller with the wireless facility is enough to make just any player have a big smile.

As Microsoft brings this latest gadget, Microsoft Xbox devoid of any wires at all, that means no mess and no problems at all! Microsoft Xbox 360 is an exceptional piece of tech that offers a lot more than just this to satisfy your gaming zest and that is what you call a Microsoft touch! Some of them are as follows:

  • Microsoft Xbox has plenty of range. Even if you may not need to, but with the Microsoft Xbox, the player can keep running to his/her next quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion even while they are busy frying the chicken. They don’t even have to worry about losing the control as the Xbox Controller has a 30-feet range. 
  • Xbox 360 Microsoft Controller has just the exact precision. The unique Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is as defined as the customary wired controller. The Microsoft Xbox system is simply devoid of any delays at all in terms of period.
  • It has no receivers. Well this idea is partially true as the Xbox 360 does have internal receivers. Microsoft makes use of a unique technology for the wireless controller, building them directly into the Xbox 360. So that does away with the need to plug in an unnecessary dingle or proprietary receiver with the Xbox controller.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is blessed with an On-the-fly compatibility. The Xbox wireless controllers are purposely designed to jump to a safe and unused frequency, that too to a point where the player can simultaneously use a 20 wireless controller at once. Microsoft Xbox can actually help you host a LAN party with your friends.
  • The Xbox 360 helps support four wireless controllers at the same time. All the controllers integrate with the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter and other wireless controllers, if any, within range. This ensures that the player never has to worry about any interference at all. Xbox brings you pure fun time with ease.  
  • Microsoft Xbox renders you awesome voice chat options devoid of any cord problems at all. The Xbox 360 is given wireless controllers that possess the same communicator headset port as the regular controllers. So users can enjoy a 2.4GHZ wireless technology with inimitable audio fidelity just like in the wired controllers.
  • Xbox has a spontaneous charge. If you are playing one of those marathon playing sessions and you find the batteries run out, it would really bug you to step up for an all new set of batteries, isn’t it? So once you find that the wireless controllers are running low of charge, you can plug in the handy Play and Charge cable. Connect it to your Xbox 360, so the battery can keep charging while you play. Yes, you actually get to have an Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit with this gadget.
  • Xbox is similar in all ways to the older version only with a dash of the wireless technology this time. The wireless version is not much different from the wired version other than the basic featured difference. All other elements are all the same. Controller for Xbox 360 still retains the similar elegant customer-friendly design and the other great features.
  • Xbox Guide Button is the access point to the Xbox Live while the game is on or the user is watching a movie or listening to music. The Xbox 360 can also be started with the controllers without even leaving the couch or moving a leg.

Xbox is the best that you can have. So before you start using the Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with the Xbox 360 console, it is necessary for you to insert the batteries into the controllers and set it up with the controllers to the console by a wireless connection.

How to insert the batteries?

Controller that is wireless uses only the AA battery packs that are provided along with it. These come either with disposable AA batteries which are not included in the kit, or as Xbox 360 rechargeable battery packs.

Controller-Battery Insertion Process

The Xbox Battery Insertion is a three-tier process.

  • First, place the tab on top of the AA battery pack and pull it down. It will then get detached from the controllers.
  • Then insert the two brand new AA batteries (LR6) with the negative and the positive ends placed according to the directions on the reverse of the battery pack. To obtain best results with the Xbox 360, it is better not to use AA rechargeable batteries.
  • Slide the AA battery pack on to the controllers, push and lock it.  

Connecting the Controllers

The Xbox 360 can be connected with up to four controllers, both wired and wireless, at a time assigned to a quadrant on the Ring of the Light. Before the wireless controllers are connected at least one quadrant of the Xbox has to be free.

Connect the Xbox Wireless Controllers to your Console

  • Press and hold down the Xbox Guide button or Start button until it turns on.
  • If the Xbox 360 console doesn’t get turned on, push the power button to turn on the console.
  • Now all you need to do is, press and release the connect button on the Xbox console. Finally, press and release the connect button on the Xbox controller.
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