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  Ok, for a lot of you younger peeps, unless you are into history and are extremely estute when it comes to games, this blog post will probably fly right over your emo haircuts, come back around, reflect off your fake metal spike belt, and reflect off your teachers cornea, distracting th... [More]

Guitar Games and synthesisers   Ok, we've all witnessed the tremendous rise of these musical instrument games, is it just me, or is this one of the most ridiculous things you've ever witnessed?  I mean, seriously?  Back in the eighties, they came out with these little... [More]

Halo 3 and Command and Conquer   Dude, with the Halo 3 slash Command and Conquer concoction that's out, I'm lost with what the heck is going on with Halo 3.  I mean, here's the thing, the Halo franchise is HUGE, and rightfully so, but, I believe it's in danger of... [More]

The dictionary defines roost in its noun form as 1. a support on which birds rest 2. a place where winged animals and especially birds custamarily roost.   What?  So if I'm a bat or a flying squirrel, or a dude wearing a Batman costume, I'm a second class cit... [More]

Call of Duty, World War II style Got the new Call of Duty release in my sweaty palms and couldn't wait to get it home and let it bask in the laser light of my xbox.  Popped it in and played around with the game modes a bit, same basic stuff as Call of Duty 4.  However, noticably, th... [More]

   Gears of War 2 Now On Sale Gears of War 2 is out, and for the past weekend or so, I've been applying the GhostGrip in steady 4 hour doses to keep my hands dry as the online play for Gears is ridicoulous.  Initial thoughts, wow, I really am impressed with the pre-game ... [More]

With all the new titles out, gotta tell yah, hands are sweatier than ever, hyperhydrosis has kicked in, are you kidding me, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, and Call of Duty World at War... what?  Now, are you sayin, yeah man, dudes into the main blockbuster titles just like eveyone else, one crow in... [More]

Glad I got your attention.  Thing is, I've owned all of the game consols mentioned in the title, and no, I don't live in my mom's basement, and yes, I do have good hygeine. Hopefully, actually, most likely, there are gamers out there that can relate to the main point ... [More]

Ok, so my last blog has been a few moons ago, why?  I've been playing Mercs2 in online co-op mode with a buddy of mine, and I gotta tell you, at first, it takes a bit to learn the game and how things work, but once you build on it and actually give it some time and effort, the game is jus... [More]

Finally got to sniff a little more Mercenaries 2.  Latest I heard, thing got like a 5 rating, sub-par.  Thing is, how did it get that and GTA IV got a 10?  Actually, the gameplay that's not GTA VI 'esque on Mercs2 is tolerable.  As you can tell, I'm not a huge fan ... [More]

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