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There's the top 10 and then there's my top 10   Top ten lists are great, I mean, look at David Letterman, the dude's made a living off them.  Everyone like's a top 10, it kinda helps us put things into perspective.  So 2008 is over, and everybodies gotta top 10... [More]

The Importance of Grip Lotion

Published 1/20/2009 by Jeremy
A look at some of the reasons for obtaining dry hands and good grip while gaming. [More]

A brief look at the new Call of Duty World at War [More]

A look at how to prevent sweaty hands that can interfere with your performance. [More]

Where do Wii Start? D-pad replaces Joystick. That's funny, get it.  Well, Wii start with Nintendo, why, because of the NES.  The original NES controller was the first game controller that made a multi-button game pad make real sense.  Sure, it had the pause button, an a and... [More]

In true Nintendo fashion   If you look at the history of Nintendo, you will know that themselves and third parties have long been involved in coming out with an entire host of controllers for a game console.  So much that it can be confusing to some.   I mean, look at ROB t... [More]

  Game Console Controller Comparison Whether you play with a Nintendo Wii controller, an Xbox 360 controller, a Playstarion 3 controller, or a host of other controllers that are out there; chances are you have run into a common situation that we all face from time to time and some of u... [More]

  Check Out Left 4 Dead This was kind of an accident, but it was a blessing in disquise and I suggest everyone do the same as I did.  First, get Fallout 3 and make yourself sick playing that, patiently prodding through dialoge and load screens for days on end until you finally c... [More]

  What is up with Fallout 3? Let's talk a little bit about Fallout 3, where the first thing you can learn is how to play with your teddy bear.  Ok, so here's what I noticed after a few hours of playing Fallout, it takes forever to get anywhere.  Now understand, when... [More]

  The Nintendo Wii Game Console Fine, I've been blogging on all the cool blockbuster hits and some sneakers from past and present.  But, gotta say, my hands got sweaty on the Wii when I visited the little bro and his family in Nashville to go head to head with the nephew on ... [More]

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