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Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial
Feet Antiperspirant No Chalk in Fitness Gym Solution

Southwest Airlines Wii Spoof

Watch Southwest Airlines Funny Nintendo Wii Controller Commercial

Southwest Airlines is a low-cost American airline based in Dallas, Texas. It is the largest US airline in terms of the number of passengers it carries domestically every year. Southwest has also been in the news, thanks to their intelligently made and unique advertisements, especially the airlines wii spoof ad.

Nintendo is a hugely popular home video game console. The Southwest Airlines Wii Spoof commercial uses the motion sensor feature of Wii to create a hilarious ad.

Airlines Wii Spoof

Southwest Airlines makes a commercial, cashing-in on the popularity of Wii. The scene of the ad shows 2 guys playing American football match game on their television through a Wii playstation. Spoof of this feature that has been presented in this ad shows the guys trying enjoying the replicate of their motions on screen.

Southwest Airlines wii spoof proceeds with their short duration (of 17 seconds approximately). The boys in the airlines wii commercial characters look like normal teenage kids living in a technologically advanced world. One of them is trying to show the other person how the wii gadget actually works. He gets up from the sofa and starts moving his controller back and forth as if he is yielding a baseball bat. At the same time, he explains to his friend sitting on the sofa that the character on screen will replicate the exact same motion of swaying the bat as he does. This is where the Southwest commercial makes use of the Nintendo playstation feature. What follows in the airlines ad is hilarious.

In the Southwest Airlines wii ad, after seeing his friend wield the controller as a bat, the other guy tries to do the same with his controller. Wii sensor is hurled towards the TV screen, where the game is on, by the second guy, thinking that the character on the screen would replicate this action by throwing the ball at the batsman. This comical error displayed on the Southwest commercial has made it a hugely popular ad amongst the masses. The end result of the Southwest ad is that the television screen smashes with the impact and falls off its perch on the wall.

Airlines commercial of this kind is unique and never seen before. When the TV comes off the wall, both the guys stand looking at each other, horrified by what has happened. At the back, you will hear a question asking “Wanna get away?”. It doesn’t take much for the viewer to establish the connection. The airline company has “Yes you can!” as their caption.

Southwest Airlines wii commercial is a feat that is a spoof of the Nintendo video game. Airlines like Southwest make sure that a brand such as theirs receives optimum promotion so that people fly with them. In the spoof, the second guy, so caught up the new technology forgets that it is all make believe and not actually happening. Wii connection used by this Southwest Airlines commercial takes the craze for wii spoof gaming to new heights altogether. Wii here is represented as a fad that drives us to levels of madness and frenzy.

The fact is, with the South West airline company, you can fly for as paltry a reason as this. The company offers economic rates that are affordable. This is why now, all you need is an excuse to fly, and in the context of this ad, to escape getting caught for a horrendous mistake!

In fact, the airlines commercial showcases a very common trend that is steadily on the rise among the American urban populace. Airlines wii commercial makes sense of this fad and contextualizes it according to their promotional tagline. Southwest, very smartly, proclaims itself as catering to the immediate choices of the people, rather passengers. The Southwest Airlines website yells “Yes You Can!”, from its home page. This is something that sparks off the wanderlust in you and impels you to check out the services of the airlines.

Wii spoof like this one is extremely well-made and deserves commendable opinion from critics as well as the watchers. The motion sensor is made good use of and the sight of the LCD TV coming off the wall adds to the spoofing effect of the commercial.



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