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       How it works - Pole Dancer Grip

Pole Dancer Grip

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Pole Dancer Grip

Pole Gripping is Essential When Dancing

Pole Dancer grips are required for the dancers who dance on poles. Pole dancing is an activity that includes various shortfalls. Pole shortfalls include slipping of the hand gripping. Dancer equipments hence should be chosen as well as devised in a way that ensures friction and consequently the perfect gripping. Grip that requires firmness is something that is ensured by a variety of Pole dancing products such as chalk powders, alcoholic solutions and lotions that are medically prepared. Pole dancers make sure that their Pole performance is not affected in any way and that the hands stay free of sweat.

Pole Gripping Solutions

Pole gripping from sweaty hands impedes performance and since sweaty hands is a problem that is common in all the dancers. Grip solutions are provided by a number of liquids as well as powders. Grip made better by the use of the solutions, liquids and powders is something that is desired by the Pole dancing experts. Dancer of Pole dancing makes use of Pole dancing solutions and kits for better gripping. Grip made better by the powders and liquids lead to the hands and feet being adept for getting you through the very difficult pole moves.

Pole Dancing Safety

Grip experts tell you that it is better to build on the various aspects of Pole gripping naturally than to focus on Pole gripping that is obtained artificially. Acetone and alcohol are great ways for Pole gripping and all you need to do is rub the solution on your hands before going for the Pole dancing performance. Just get a dash of the Pole dancing solution in your towel and after that, use it on the hands.

Chalk Pole solutions are sold in the climbing shops in the form of balls as well as liquids. Pole dancers are thus helped against dust. Grip of the Pole dancers with chalk dust helps you get better grips on the Pole. You must however ensure that Pole solutions don’t leave white patches on your skin. Grip with medicated solutions like beeswax helps in Pole dancing. Pole dancers also rinse the cloth with the solutions for getting the best of Pole dancing effect. Pole dances require good timing and coordination

Pole Gripping Products

Grip experts also recommend specific Pole gripping solutions from the products that are also used by the practitioners of a couple of other sports as well such as rock climbing and golf. Pole gripping helps provided you do not use the products all the time. Grip products need not be used at all instances since there might be a few starters and learners who may grow to rely on the products almost always. The Pole dancers make sure that they can move about in a flexible manner.

here are the Pole dancers who make the Pole gripping lotions their habit and this is why the trainers make sure that they do not grow a habit of using these. Grip solutions make your job easy, but then there are also chances that your efficiency will be reduced. There are also then the rules that need to be followed in Pole dancing and in case you choose to go without artificial assistance you will notice that the Pole gripping and Pole expertise will further be improved. Pole dances require to be performed with great physical dexterity and mental tenacity since you need to coordinate the body with the rest of the moves that are made by the dancing professionals.

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