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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Video Game Controller Grip

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Sports Grip Tips

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Sports - Shooting

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Chalk Alternative

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Feet Antiperspirant No Chalk in Fitness Gym Solution

Improve Your Kayak Paddle Grip

Don't let Your Paddle Slip Away Because of Slippery Hands

Kayak rowing is not just an exciting pastime but a seriously considered sport these days. Generally, kayak paddles tend to have blades which are placed off set from one another. It simply means that when you lay the paddle on the floor, you will find one blade lying flat and the other one facing upward in an angle. Such a shape of the kayak paddle makes it necessary for people to maintain a perfect grip. Your grip will be determined based on whether you are right handed or left handed.

While you are kayaking, the stroke you take should allow the paddle to rotate and relocate within your loose hand to ensure that each paddle enters the water smoothly. Grip control cannot be changed once you place them on the paddle.

Some of the features of a worthy kayak hand grip are:

  • It helps reduce the blistering and hand fatigue to a large extent.
  • Choosing a clutch that’s branded gives your hand an easy-on-easy off design for an extended level of comfort.
  • The best thing with the kayak hand holds is that they are made with an ergonomic design that shields all inside the thumb, giving it a soothing comfort.

Now that you know how a kayak hand hold can help you, why don’t you go ahead, pick up a pair for you and start rowing? Seize the paddle. Grip it well, holding the paddle first. Now place your other hand on the paddle. Hand is to be put in the center of the paddle. While you are rowing the kayak, just see that the distance between your hands is placed over shoulder width apart. Kayak rowing can only be a comfy task when you put the paddle over your head, holding with both the hand. Grip for kayak hand should be such that both the elbows are placed at an angle slightly less than 45 degrees. Kayak paddle should not be held too tight. Hand grip should be moderate; the knuckles on your hand shouldn’t show their white or else you are holding it tight.

How to choose a Kayak hand paddle?

  • Hand use is the prime action that operates the course of kayaking. A kayak paddle with a basic straight shaft with a diameter of 0.7” is taken to be a standard one.
  • Kayak hand shaft should be conically tapered at the ends. There should be a left hold and right hold mounted on the shaft along with individual kayak blades. Kayak hand blades each have a conically tapered socket to accept the ends of the shaft.
  • Kayak blades include a portion in the socket that is vacant when the shaft is totally inserted. This portion of the kayak hand helps trap enough air to assure a floating paddle for the kayak. This mechanical connection helps prevent the kayak shaft from rotating in the kayak blade sockets.
  • Kayak hand, when used this way, helps reduce the stress on the adhesive that holds the shaft and the sockets together.
  • Hand orientation of the user is dependent on the consistent hold placement on the shaft. Kayak shafts generally have a small diameter and can be easily encircled. So the user has a higher degree of control over the kayak paddle.
  • The holds in the kayak hand are contoured into more comfortable positions so that the kayak driver can have a natural holding. Kayak shaft contouring is done in coordination with the horizontal axis of the kayak hand. This helps minimize the holding angles reducing the stress on the kayak user’s wrists, palms and arms. Kayak shafts and kayak hand contours are intricately related to lessen chances of sliding along the kayak hand shaft and prevent the kayak hand from rotating.  

Kayak grips

Kayak grips are also to be checked with. See that they have knuckle guards. Kayak grips of this kind prevent abrasion during obstruction with rocks and trees. Ghost Grip is one lotion that can help accentuate your hold. Get going with Ghost Grip!

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