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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Improve Football Thowing and Catching Grip

Increase Football Throwing and Catching Ability

Football, a game that has the world going crazy in its frenzy, is known to create more interest than any other game. Whether on the lush grounds of England or on the muddy lanes of Africa, football is one game that has captivated the imagination of millions.

Like all other games, there are certain techniques, strategies and tactics in the game of football. For every football player, one of the main aspects of the game that he needs to optimize is the throw. An accurate and well aimed throw has won many a football game. Players have always tried to work on their throw of the ball in order to gain an edge. But throwing the ball is not as easy as it looks.

The main requirement of football is loads and loads of practice. With intense practice and training, you will finally be able to learn how to properly throw the ball. While throwing, you have to make sure that it spirals through the air. This is necessary as it ensures the target accuracy of the ball.

However, the most vital factor that we will be discussing here is the importance of a proper grip of the ball before you throw it. This is not an easy job. A proper hold on a ball may depend on your hand size. To perfect the hold on the ball, we offer you certain tips and methodologies. Read on for more information on the subject.

Tips for Gripping the Ball Correctly

A football is shaped is the form of an egg but with pointed ends on both sides. The body of the ball is also quite bumpy with laces, making it quite difficult to hold. This means that the only way you can improve your grip of the ball is through constant practice.

Grip on the ball refers to holding the ball between your fingers in such a way that it does not accidentally slip out. Grip on the ball must be really strong to ensure that you can throw it in the direction you want, to reach your intended target.

Though large hands are ideal for gripping this kind of a ball, it has been proved that thorough exercise to increase the strength of the hands and fingers can help enormously to increase the hold over the ball. A football player must undertake exercise for his fingers and hands as part of his work out regime to increase the hold over the ball.

Proper Football Gripping

Proper gripping is necessary for any player as it affects the accuracy and tightness of the spiral flow of the ball. A ball that spirals more through the air tends to be more accurate and fast. This can prove to be the only extra edge between a winner and a loser in a live game.

Football Training

Football training should definitely include more exercises and training schedules that give importance to the holding strength of the fingers and hand. One of the main exercises that you can include in this regard in to train with a heavy football that weighs around 2lb. Holding and throwing this heavy football will help you immensely to have more confidence in your ball gripping and throwing strength.

Football grip can be practiced depending on the size of your hands. There are different ways to hold the ball depending on smaller or larger hands. You have to feel comfortable with the ball in your hands to ensure that you can practice the correct hold and throw positions.

Those with large hands can try holding the football with their fingers spread over the middle of the ball. On the other hand, those with smaller hands can try holding the ball towards the back.

You can also try practicing with a PassBack football to train your hands and fingers. This is a unique ball makes it easy for you train by yourself so that you do not require anyone’s help to strengthen your hands. The ball can help you practice on your delivery, throw as well as catch. Gripping the ball every time it comes bounding back is something that helps immensely to increase the power of your hand.

Steps Involved in Gripping the Ball

  1. Hold the ball in the hand which you won’t be using for throwing. Make sure that laces on the ball are facing up. This is done to expose the laces so that you can place the other throwing hand on them.

  2. In this step, place the hand that you would use to throw the ball on the laces exposed on the ball. Make sure that your fingers are placed on the end of the ball that is near you.

  3. When you place your fingers over the football, make sure that your ring finger lies on top of the laces on the ball. It is preferable that the ring finger lies over the second or higher lace on the ball. Now spread the rest of the fingers over the ball.

  4. Grip the ball in such a way that there is space between the ball and the curve of the palm in your hand. This means that the ball must not cushion into your hand.

  5. Your thumb should be placed on the underside of the ball such that it lies exactly opposite the laces on top.

  6. Now comes the most important part. You have to practice a couple of throws with the finger position explained above to get a feel of the strength of your throw. If you are comfortable with the position of the fingers over the ball, then continue practicing for better aim. If you are not too happy with the hold, then you can try moving your small finger next to your ring finger over the laces. You can also try sliding your index finger towards the ball end.

Football and the Use of Ghost Grip

Football is all about using the right technique and learning the correct methods of holding the ball and throwing it. Apart from training and practice, there are also certain other components that can help you in your game. Gripping the ball thoroughly is extremely important in any game. But due to many reasons such as nervousness or perspiration, hands might become slippery. Ghost Grip is a unique product that you can use just before your game to ensure hours of slick free gripping of the ball.

In a live game, there is hardly any time to spend some time to ensure that your hands are dry enough to allow you maximum gripping capacity. The Ghost Grip hand lotion will ensure that you can play your game without worrying about getting the perfect hold on your ball.

Follow the above provided training steps and enjoy a successful football game.

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