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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Hand Sweat in your glove

Need to get rid of that hand sweat you have in your glove while playing?

Hands sweat; problems in gripping, irritation on exposure to intense cold, eruption on exposure to chemical products are some of the common troubles that people seem to face on a daily basis with regard to their hands. What comes handy in such dire situations that seem to hinder the social and functional life of an individual is a glove.

Gloves help provide an improved grip in cases of wet or oily hands for patients, giving them a relief to a large extent. This can result into an enhanced grip thereby forbidding the inception of work-related injuries like,

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
  2. Reducing work fatigue and stress

Glove pairs generally come with a unique combination of grip and chemical opposition along with the very necessary agility and suppleness. Hence glove is a common logic driven choice when one has any problems related to palm sweat and chemical reactions. The effective Ghost Grip lotion can be applied before putting on the glove to achieve extended results in cases of sweaty hands.

What causes hands sweat?

  1. Sweat is basically a unique, organic device that the body uses in order to regulate the body temperature so that the functioning of the body keeps on running smoothly.
  1. A human body is equipped with millions of sweating glands. Amazingly almost half of all those sweating glands are placed in the hands.
  1. In all such situations when the body is agitated for some reason or the other like intense temperatures, serious physical exertion or stress, all these perspiratory glands start perspiring in order to cool the body back to the normal and favorable temperature range.  
  1. Severe sweating, also termed as Palmar Hiperhydrosis in the medical fraternity, results in extremely sweaty hands and feet even in normal situations when there is no such reason for which the body would require to cool down.
  1. Hands sweating of this kind can cause severe uneasiness and humiliation, hindering the patient suffering from carrying out even the normal day to day tasks.

It is true that there are a number of ways in which it is possible to treat sweaty hands, but then patients also need to know that there is no such procedure that can help eradicate the problem entirely. Hence, often people suffering from Palmar Hyperhidrosis tend to live with this uneasy problem all through their lives.

Glove: The Kinds of hands glove patients of Palmar Hyperhidrosis should use

  1. Glove made of cotton:

    The first and foremost kind of glove that doctors suggest their patients to use in order to prevent excessive sweating of their palms are a cotton glove. These serve the best as non-slipping reinforcements on the palm, thumb and the fingers. Hands stay a lot better with this glove, especially in the presence of layered breathable membranes.
  1. Glove made of Chrome Leather:

    This kind of glove that comes in a durable range with a high-class lining that can serve increased levels of comfort with a soothing sense of dryness to the patients. Glove of this kind is not just of the premium quality but is also aptly helpful while at work as these help gather the maximum grip that is desirable.
  1. Industrial hand glove:

    This is a particular kind of glove that is made of specifically processed denim fabric and cotton to give absolute and all round protection to the palms of the workers while they are working. This kind of glove works the best if worn after applying an anti-perspirant lotion, preferably something like Ghost Grip that assures extended dryness of the palms. People who work in the manufacturing processes work in contact with harmful substances and warm products all the time. Hands, in such circumstances, can succumb to further damage. So to save the situation from worsening a pair of industrial hand glove may prove handy.
  1. Winter Glove:

    Elastic banded winter glove are just what an individual needs to protect his vulnerable palms suffering from Palmar Hiperhydrosis during the chilly winters. These generally have an entire lining on the inside of the glove along with a tape binding.
  1. Batting Glove:

    Palmar Hyperhidrosis is a serious problem for an individual who is into playing cricket as well as batting. Excessive sweating can affect their gripping of the bat, causing rather serious discomfort and anxiety while batting. This can also affect the person’s performance in the game. What comes in handy in such a situation is a dense foam glove with multiflex section, natural cow calf leather palms, soft pro-towel lining to ensure comfort and protection, an air flow voider and spacious toweling perspiration band. All this, along with a little bit of the Ghost Grip anti-perspirant lotion, when applied on the palms can save the player from their anxiety to a great extent.

  2. Woolen hand glove:

    Woolen hand glove are a fresh innovation made of finest quality wool in a blend of style and diversity.




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