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Hands Sweat While Playing

Do your hands sweat while you are playing games?

Sweaty hands or sweaty palms are a very common problem for a lot of people. The medical term for this syndrome is Palmar Hyperhidrosis. It is a syndrome in which patients suffer from excessive sweat secretion on their hands. Hands sweat is one of the most common Hyperhidrosis symptoms. The more appropriate terminology in the medical sense of the term is “hypersympathetic activity”. This is because scientists have found out that excessive sweating of hands is the result of increased activities in the patient’s sympathetic chain. It is a part of the autonomic nervous system situated within the chest cavity.

Excessive hands sweat or hyperhidrosis is a permanent condition that persists. People who have this problem tend to suffer from this irritating syndrome for years. It may start from early childhood and continue to persist, irrespective of the climatic changes.

Excessive secretion of sweat on the hands can create a lot of discomfort, affecting the person’s day-to-day life, both in the functional terms as well as social. Sweaty hands can cause a lot of problems for individuals who are involved in sports. With such people, the hands sweat while playing due to heightened level of anxiety, affecting the person’s overall performance in the game. While playing, people may often come across situations when their grip seems to be slipping due to sweat on their hands. About 40% of people suffer from this nuisance while they are busy doing any kind of work. This is a syndrome that is genetic and is inherited from the parents. 

What causes Hand Sweat While Playing?

Hands may sweat due to various reasons while playing.

  1. The exact reasons for hands sweat or hyperhidrosis are not really known right now. Doctors have not been able to focus on any concrete cause. But the most common idea that prevails in this case is the primary element of genetics. Hands sweat while playing as it is a common genetic syndrome. That is what the doctors take this for the most common cause that result in excessive sweat on hands.
  1. While you are playing, as is mentioned earlier, hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system may also result in sweat on hands. The thoracic sympathetic ganglion chain, which lies along the vertebra, beside the spine, within the chest cavity, is the root cause of sweat secretion. Hands sweat while gaming or playing because sweat glands are concentrated on the hands.
  1. Sweat while playing, on the hands, may also be caused by other illnesses like hyperthyroidism, menopause, psychiatric disorders and obesity. Sweat on hands is a common problem for patients who suffer from any of these diseases. Playing can be hampered to a large extent due to this distraction and unease caused by hands sweat.

These are some of the most common causes of hands sweat. It is very important for you and your doctor to find out the right cause in your case before you decide to seek for the true solution for your problem of excessive sweat.

While You Are Playing, How To Prevent Hand Sweat

  1. The foremost and the easiest thing that you can do in order to prevent your hands from excessive sweat while you are playing is by applying some powder on your hands that will prevent the sweat from coming on to the skin surface.
  1. Sweat can be prevented from coming to the hands by clapping some cornstarch between the palms.
  1. You can also prevent hands sweat while performing sports by using medical powders that would help soak up the moisture on the hands.  
  1. Hands can be prevented from excessive sweating by using an unscented, aluminum salt-based antiperspirant, specifically made for the palms and feet. Ghost Grip is a good product that enjoys a commendable reputation in the market.
  1. Make it a habit to wipe your hands on a dry towel or tissue at regular intervals. This will help you enjoy a better gaming session when you start playing!
  1. You can also prevent sweat while you play by putting some aluminum chloride paint all over the palm area that becomes damp and slimy.

Hyperhidrosis can be categorized into 2 subgroups, depending upon the severity of sweating.

  1. Group I: Patients who fall into this category have mild sweating and, hence, there are no social or functional problems they may face.
  1. Group II: Sweat while performing normal work, in an excessive manner.

Hands Sweating: The Modern Cure

Medical advancements, over the last few years, have made things a lot easier for the patients now. All those whose palms sweat while performing daily, normal actions can now get relief through operation. These operations are performed using miniature cameras that enter into body cavities like the chest or the abdomen. Tiny incisions are made with least damage and speediest recovery. 

Modern operations are done on out patient basis where the patient can go back home on the same day in which the operation is performed. This way, the patients don’t just get home early but they are also saved from the possibilities of severe pain and scarring in their palms.

But then, if the patients don’t want to go for a surgery they can use products like Ghost Grip to ease the irritation of excessive sweating that can, at times, lead to dripping which cause severe hindrance to normal life and daily functions to a large extent.

Sympathectomy is a treatment that is performed by endoscope. A couple of tiny incisions are made on each side of the chest cavity. It is through this cavity that the fiber optic camera and the instruments are put in. The sympathetic chain is then eviscerated, clotted, or fixed. This process can also be reversed. The success rate is 98% with this method of treatment for Hyperhidrosis.

Ghost Grip: A Solution to Sweaty Palms

Ghost Grip can be a unique solution to the entire palm sweating problem. Just take a look at the Ghost Grip site and you will come across more than one product that can lend an effective solution to your problems.



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