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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Improve Your Gymnast Hand Grip

Increase Your Grip Strength and Ability with Ghost Grip Anti-Sweat Lotion

Everyone knows that a gymnast’s life is not an easy one. Hours of intense training everyday followed by a strict diet and restricted style of living are some of the sacrifices that every athlete has to make.

But the actual thrill of competing in national and international competitions more than make up for these restrictions. Gymnast follows a highly stimulating, intense and passionate work out regime that includes strenuous practice sessions. Every practice session for a professional gymnast includes training out with their particular equipment. This is where we usually see the athlete dipping his or her hands on a bucket of chalk powder before heading to perform his act.

Many of us do not really understand the importance of the powder that an athlete religiously applies on his or her palms. Chalk powder has the ability to dry the skin surface and soak in traces of sweat or moisture that might affect the gripping ability of the athlete.

But there is a certain method to apply the powder. Chalk powder applied in the wrong way can also prove to be deadly for an athlete.

Read through the following steps to learn about the proper ways to apply chalk powder in order to increase your grip as an athlete:

Steps in Applying Chalk Powder

  1. If you are planning to train in a gymnastics facility, you will be asked to wear hand grips. Make sure that you buy hand grips that are perfectly suited to your hand. Ensure that the grips fit your hands very well. You should try using them before you actually use them in your training. This is known as breaking them in. Gymnast should make sure that his hand grip feels comfortable on his hand as it will affect the way the chalk powder is applied on top.

  2. Once you have securely fitted in your hand grips, you should dip your hands in the chalk bucket. Chalk powder should be thoroughly rubbed into the handgrips. This is necessary as the powder will help you to swing on your training apparatus and thus do your routine perfectly. Chalk helps to dry the skin, keeping it moisture free. You do not have to worry about tearing your skin or ripping it with the pull of your swing or stretch.

  3. Chalk powder should be thoroughly rubbed into the space between fingers as well as the handgrips. Rub your hands against each other and then clap your hands a few times to remove excess powder. Gymnast is taught to do this in his or her training program. Also try to remove the excess powder into the bucket itself as it helps to reduce mess and unnecessary waste.

  4. Chalk, if still found to be in excess can be removed from hands by blowing on them just before mounting your equipment or apparatus. This will help to remove any powder that may have come loose from your skin. Remember, too much powder can affect your gripping ability whereas too less can cause friction.

Chalk powder

Chalk powder may be an athlete’s best friend. But there are also other products such as the Ghost Grip which is an antiperspirant hand lotion. The lotion offers fast acting control over the problem of sweaty palms.

Gymnast Training

Gymnast can never compromise on any aspect of his or her training at any point of time. In the same way, ensuring that proper amount of chalk powder on hands can be the difference between winning and losing your competition. Follow the points offered above to ensure that you never have to worry about your hand grip.

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