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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Cricket Bat Grip

Increase Your Bat Strength and Grip with Ghost Grip Anti-Sweat Lotion

Cricket requires all batsmen to have a good batting grip, to play a full range of batting shots. Only an apt grip can give them the chance to play with full command and accuracy. Different batsmen have different ways of holding the bat and that is obviously reflected in the batting style resulting in variant batting styles for players.

The question is, how will you know which is the best way to hold the bat? 

Cricket Bat Grip

Hand and grip, these are the two aspects that perfectly amalgamate to make the perfect stroke in the game of cricket. The best way is to lay the bat face down towards the ground, and thereon pick it up with both the limbs. Hand grip should be almost like an axe. But then players should not go too far to make it all go wrong.  

Nevertheless, there exists a definite and popularly recognized cricket hand grip which is regarded to be the “correct bat grip”.

Cricket Bat Grip Tips

Here are some tips to help you grip the bat in the best way possible and make apt use of your wrist while playing cricket. Take a look:

  • Once you pick up the bat, see that your fingers and thumb are wrapped around the center of the bat’s handle.

  • The grip should be in the form of a “V”, in a line between the edge and the splice. Grip or hold the bat between the thumb and the forefinger, creating the “V” shape. So there should be two Vs on each side creating a circle between the center and the leading edge.

  • While you are playing cricket, if you by chance rest your fore-finger down the side of the bat’s handle without giving a closed hold, it can result into a serious injury. Cricket players have to be serious about these tips as they progress to higher levels, impacts and faster deliveries.

  • While playing cricket, watch out that your top arm rests comfortably against the inside of the front thigh.
  • Cricket always requires you to stay relaxed, feet kept parallel and a foot length apart. Hand-placing also comes in. See that you are comfortable while placing them.

  • Even the head position is significant; all you must do is ensure that you keep your eyes leveled. A slightly tilted head will help reduce the reflex, thus making it harder for the brain to act. Hand it out well and win the game!

In cricket, a batsman needs to be over-alert about these details in order to secure a bright future as a hard hitter. This may be a difficult to understand without a diagram, but then, with a cricket bat around, it may be easier for you to get it. Grip problems if any, on account of perspiring palms can be done away with, with the help of Ghost Grip Lotion for sure.

Cricket: A Tough Game

Cricket is tough game, given the long playing hours that can be rather tiresome for the players. A sweating hand may be a serious problem in such circumstances. But a serious relief from this agonizing nuisance is the Ghost Grip lotion that is popular.

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