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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Video Game Controller Grip

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Sports Grip Tips

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Hands Sweat While Playing Grip
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Martial Arts Grip Lotion Martial Arts Grip Lotion
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Powerlifting Chalk Lotion Powerlifting Chalk Lotion
Bouldering Chalk Bouldering Chalk
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Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Glove Grip
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Dry Feet and Hands Snow Skiing Dry Feet and Hands Snow Skiing
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Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Bat Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Pole Dancer Grip

Sports - Shooting

Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Gun Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Colt Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Pistol Grip
Liquid Chalk Hand Grip

Chalk Alternative

Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial
Feet Antiperspirant No Chalk in Fitness Gym Solution

Climbing Chalk

Improve your Climbing ability with Ghost Grip Hand Antiperspirant

Climbing is a popular sport enjoyed by sport enthusiasts and adventurers the world over. The pure rush of excitement that rock climbers enjoy makes all the training and hard work worth the effort.

Rock climbing involves putting a lot of your weight on your fingertips and arms. Every rock climber goes through a strenuous and intensive work out session to train their specific body parts that are mainly involved in a climb. To be a pro at this challenging sport, you are required to have a good knowledge of hiking techniques and a thoroughly fit body.

Climbing over big pieces of rock may look quite entertaining and exhilarating. But the actual work is very strenuous and physically demanding. Your hands often end up taking the entire strain of your body as you use them to pull yourself up over large pieces of rock. This is where you are required to use the climbing chalk.

Climbing chalk

Climbing chalk is a fine powder material that is used by mountaineers and rock climbers on their hands to ensure that their hands remain sweat or slip free. Chalk used by rock climbers is usually made from pure magnesium carbonate. Magnesium carbonate in chalk helps to absorb sweat and the same time helps to increase friction. Chalk is necessary to increase your grip strength while hauling yourself over rocky ledges.

Chalk used by climbers are available in various forms such as loose chalk powder in bags or in the form of chalk balls that climbers can simply roll between their hands before their climb. Chalk balls are usually available inside chalk bags that ensure that the chalk remains inside without creating a powdery mess.

Climbing over rock is never complete without applying chalk over your hands. Chalk used by climbers gives them the confidence of knowing that their hands won’t slip or any of their grips won’t fail.

Chalk is in fact carried by most climbers in chalk bags. Climbers who need to chalk up often carry large chalk bags which are easily available in all sport stores. Chalk bags are both practical and necessary as you never know when you might want to apply chalk on your hands. Chalk bags are available in both large and small sizes. Small chalk bags are ideal for use during competitions where as large chalk bags are best used during bouldering sessions. 

Climbing Rock

Climbing over rock is a tricky business as you never know when you might make a wrong move. Climbing involves a great deal of technique planning and strategy moves. Thus, it is no wonder that most climbers may become apprehensive or tensed about their climb. Unprecedented whether and extreme physical strain are some of the other factors that a rock climber faces regularly. Under such conditions, sweating of palms and hands is a definite happening. It has therefore become almost mandatory for all rock climbers to use chalk on their hands to ensure that their hands remain free of sweat or slipperiness.

Excessive Sweating in Their Hands and Palms

For those who suffer from excessive sweating in their hands and palms, indulging in a sport like rock climbing is no possible thanks to certain products such as Ghost Grip. Ghost Grip is an antiperspirant hand lotion that blocks the sweat glands, ensuring that you can enjoy hours of sweat free experience. By applying Ghost Grip on your hands, you will not have to worry anymore about losing grip on rock due to sweaty or slippery hands.

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