Ghost Grip Hand Antiperspirant
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       How it works


The GhostGrip Effect

We recognize and endorse a passion for everything from sports to gaming and are glad you’re here, you’re on your way to becoming a true Grip Master!

Prevent Sweaty Palms

GhostGrip is a revolutionary product that we believe will help improve your skill level and performance. Obviously you are aware that when you are in an intense competition or battle, your body is under stress physically and mentally, and for most of us, sweaty hands are a natural outcome of these heightened responses.  Nobody wants to get pegged in the dome, muff a lay up, or miss a head shot due to muggy hand pieces, so that’s why we came up with GhostGrip.

Increase Game Play Grip

Using GhostGrip is easy, that’s why we coined the term EZ-ON EZ-OFF, and it starts to work almost immediately. It’s simple, shake well and just place about a dime sized dab of GhostGrip on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and GhostGrip goes into action coating your hands with an effective antiperspirant solution.  Most players are good to go for 4-6 hours of sweat free game play, giving you a natural feel for your control.  No need to wipe your paws on your pants halfway towards reaching your goal or knocking out your opponent.  No need to put on a pair of gloves like some kind of tool.  GhostGrip keeps your hands dry without leaving build up , and it will not stain your clothes.  It’s the perfect solution to a problem most of us experience during competition.

Keep Your Hands Dry

Some champions like to use a second application during intense game play, and this is fine.  GhostGrip is non-toxic and washes off easy with soap and water. So whenever you’re ready to take control, rub in some GhostGrip and start owning some fools!


 If you want us to show you a list on the process, check this out below:

  • Flip open the cap with your thumbnail or if you’re a wuss use two fingers.

  • Tilt it upside down and use the free gravity the earth gave us.

  • Put a dime size drop on your hand, yes dime size, not a nickel or a quarter.

  • Close the cap of your tube so it stays fresh for many mastered competitions.

  • Rub your hands together and enjoy the GhostGrip effect.

  • Apply every 4-6 hours if you have a period of long play ahead of you.

  • Laugh at your opponents or you can send them a Get Well card later.

the dab rub and clap

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