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Hand Antiperspirant Tips

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Video Game Controller Grip

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Sports Grip Tips

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Sports - Shooting

Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Gun Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Colt Grip
Sweaty Feet Antiperspirant Pistol Grip
Liquid Chalk Hand Grip

Chalk Alternative

Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial Southwest Airlines Wii Commercial
Feet Antiperspirant No Chalk in Fitness Gym Solution

Foot Antiperspirant

Prevent Excessive Foot or Feet Perspiration

Excessive sweating of the feet is a common occurrence among a lot of us. Using an antiperspirant often helps, as it minimizes the risks of a sweat stink, or the possibility of foot blisters. The very first thing you need to do to get rid of a sweaty foot is to put an end to using nylon socks. Even cheap plastic socks, for that matter, work to make the trouble worse. Get rid of smelly feet with Ghost Grip solution.

Antiperspirant Composition

If you want to make sure that your feet are protected against perspiration everyday, and that they are left feeling fresh and clean, switch to a Ghost Grip antiperspirant so that the feet are dry and comfortable. A deodorant leaves the feet pleasingly perfumed. The most essential component to be used in antiperspirants is Aluminum Chlorohydrate, a specially formulated solvent that guarantees fast evaporation of the sweat.

Some medicated solutions use an aqueous alcohol solvent based antiperspirant composition. It is devoid of silicone products and forms a thick lotion that can be used on the hands and feet. Ghost Grip composition contains a thickener - concoction of hydroxy-propylmethylcellulose or hydroxylalkylcellulose, with silicates and colloidal silica, along with a material that’s active in antiperspirant content. A preferred mix includes Tea Tree Oil added to the formula. The antiperspirant composition reduces sweating; it is non-irritating and gently soothing for the skin.

Foot Sweating: Remedies

Foot sweat is caused as a result of a number of factors, one of which is the feeding of bacteria on the dead skin of our feet. This is primarily the cause for the stench. The key to eliminating the odor is to follow good feet hygiene. You could even use the Ghost Grip lotion. Here are some of the remedies:

  • Powder your Toes: Foot care is best taken by powdering your toes. You can also apply cornstarch or anti-fungal spray. You may treat your shoes with talcum powder too.
  • Wash Often: Keep your feet scrupulously clean by treating them with warm soapy water and washing them as frequently as possible. Make sure you do it several times everyday. Use a soft brush to scrub the foot. Do the same in between the toes and remember to keep your feet dry.
  • Use an Antiperspirant: The key to ensuring sweat-free feet is to apply a deodorant or antiperspirants. Special foot deodorants are available for the purpose. While these help eliminate the odor, antiperspirants take care of stopping perspiration too. However, if you have an athlete’s foot, the antiperspirant is not recommended. Try using Ghost Grip.
  • Change Socks: Change your socks often. This is a good antiperspirant measure. Change socks at least 4 to 5 times a day. Put on the socks that are made of natural fiber, like cotton, that readily acts as absorbents than synthetics.
  • Wear Appropriate Shoes: If you are suffering from sweaty and smelly feet, you’re expected to use an appropriate feet antiperspirant, as well as demonstrate a proper shoe sense. Closed shoes enhance the growth of bacteria and result in more sweatiness and odor. Rubber and plastic shoes are bad for the health of your feet. Avoid repeating the same pair of shoes for 2 days at a stretch, since shoes need at least 24 hours to dry out completely.

How to Tackle Excessively Sweaty Feet?

To continue with the point mentioned before, try to go for socks that are made of at least 70% cotton or wool, and are less than 30% synthetic. Woolen or cotton socks are best for holding the moisture before getting soaked themselves. There’s a chance that woolen socks may become sweaty. Foot antiperspirant Ghost Grip is a commonly recommended remedy against foot odor and athlete’s foot. According to studies at the US Military Academy, trainees who applied antiperspirant to their soles for 3 nights at a stretch before a long hike were less likely to acquire blisters. However, they were more prone to experience skin irritation.

Foot massages also come of help, at times. Some people also prefer to go for massaging the bottoms of their feet with deodorants. Antiperspirant effects generated by the deodorant have been widely reported to work wonders. Some believers tend to use the antiperspirant by rubbing it inside their shoes to get rid of the smelliness. All you need to do is ensure that your socks are not attracting much moisture; that your socks and feet are able to breathe and lose their wetness. Ghost Grip foot antiperspirant helps make sweaty feet dry.

Foot spraying is good, but other than that, there are certain other things that you can do before starting your day or going for a hike. Make sure you trim your toenails and shave any hair that might grow on your toes. Antiperspirant helps, but you must also take in other precautions pertaining to your feet to ensure they are stink-free. In case you are a victim of black and blue or bruised toenails, you can use medicated pads, available in the market, on them. This therapy helps cushion your big toes from their descents and prevents blisters forming on the big or second toes. Remember to put on a pair of clean and fresh polypropylene liner socks and synthetic socks.

Soaking Antiperspirants

You can also go for frequent soaks. Various soaking agents help keep your feet dry, and control the odor. These are:

  • Kosher salt: For extra-sweaty feet, saturate kosher salt (coarser than ordinary table salt) in a solution of water.
  • Tea: Tannin, found in tea bags, acts as a drying agent. Boil three or four tea bags in water for 10 minutes. Add to that plenty of cold water for a comfortable soak.
  • Aluminum acetate: Soak your feet once or twice a day in a solution of aluminum acetate and cool water. The former has drying properties.
  • Vinegar: The medical fraternity recommends soaking your feet in half a cup of vinegar blended with a quart of water for 15 minutes about twice a week.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: This agent makes the foot surface more acidic, thereby cutting down on the stench of the odor. You can dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a quart of water. Soak twice a week for about a quarter of an hour.
  • Sage: The sage treatment is commonly used by Europeans who sprinkle the fragrant herb into their shoes to regulate odor. A dash of the dehydrated, crushed leaves does the trick.
  • Hot and cold water: Go for alternate hot and cold footbaths, which constrict the blood flow to your feet, dropping perspiration levels. Fix a third footbath of lemon juice and ice cubes, and wipe your feet with alcohol to cool and dry them. When your feet perspire too much in hot weather, you could practice this method everyday.

Warning: This treatment is not for the diabetics and those with impaired blood circulation.

Other Ways to Control Feet Odor

  • Try inserts: Shoe inserts contain activated charcoal, which absorbs moisture and controls odor.
  • Stay cool: Foot sweat glands respond to emotions. Stress can trigger excessive sweating, which increases bacterial activity in your shoes, leading to additional stink.
  • Eat Healthy: Eating spicy food (onion, pepper, garlic, scallions) may result in their odors getting excreted through sweat glands on your feet.



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