Ghost Grip Hand Antiperspirant
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Ghost Grip Hand Antiperspirant

We know why you are here, so let’s get down to the Ghost Grip Effect. This is a one of a kind lotion that not only gives you fast acting control but has an "Easy On" and "Easy Off" process.  When it comes down to performing like a professional athlete and you have sweaty hands, increase your angle or dominate the play when there is no room for error, this is where you need the Ghost Grip Hand Antiperspirant.

Increase Your Competitive Edge

Antiperspirant Lotions
like Ghost Grip are a must for any athlete to improve their performance and ensure success. One of the keys to success in competitive or amateur sport is to maintain a strong grip. That is the exact point where our product solves your grip problem. Increased grip is a significant part of any competitive sport. 

Hand Antiperspirant lotions help keep the skin non-slippery, drying the surface and retaining the moisture from coming to the surface. Such lotions are formulated to stop the player’s hands from perspiring and turning them slippery. Hand Antiperspirant lotions are designed to be non-sticky and keep working for about four to six hours. Ghost Grip hand lotion is your answer to Prevent Sweaty Palms.

Why use GhostGrip?

rigidity is increased when the Ghost Grip Hand Antiperspirant is applied. Ghost Grip is one of the most popular antiperspirant lotions available in the market and used by top athletes around the world. While applying any such lotion it is better to take a small amount first on your hands and rub both the palms together. You will be able to sense three immediate things taking place:
  • Moisture will be instantaneously drawn away from your hands
  • Hand will turn sticky for some time.
  • Hand will soon become dry and stay that way for about 4 to 6 hours.

Grip accentuating lotions are a common thing these days, and using the ones like Ghost Grip is real easy. Grip enhancement is a primary factor ensured by Ghost Grip. Our Hand Grip lotion start working immediately after use. Users are directed to shake the tube well before applying the lotion, then place a little dab of the lotion on the palm, rub the hands together and the action begins. Ghost Grip leaves an effective coating on your hands with no stick residue left behind. Increasing your Sports Grip is something athletes in Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Cricket, Rock Climbing and more seek to enhance their overall performance. Increase your grip with Ghost Grip!

At GhostGrip we want you to be satisfied, if you are not completely satisfied with the GhostGrip product send your unused portion back to us and we will send you a refund!

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