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Football Grip No Glove or Inside Glove



There are several positions, if not all, that a football player would require a good grip.  Why is grip key to playing football?  To begin with, not only is grip required for football players who handle the football, what about those that don’t?  Grip in football is necessary for a variety of reasons. 


Linemen Need Football Grip


Let’s start with linemen.  It’s necessary for them to have good grip even though they rarely handle the football.  The  need a nice dry grip to be able to tackle effectively and also to manipulate the opposition.  I’m sure a lineman wouldn’t be too happy having a running back slip past them due to sweaty hands.  That being said, sweaty hands can happen if your hands are not gloves as well as if your hands were inside a glove.  Maybe even more so if your hands are inside a glove. 

 Receivers and Defensive Backs Need Football Grip


Which brings me to receivers and defensive backs.  These are two of the most prominent positions in football when it comes to needing to have a good grip inside a glove.  These are very active positions on the football field.  For this reason, these guys can have issues with sweaty hands inside their gloves.  Two of the most important positions in the game because of the fact that they are involved in catching a football that is passed through the air by the quarter back.  I’m sure receivers and defensive backs have dropped a few footballs before due to sweaty hands, bare or inside of a glove.

 Quartbacks and Football Grip


Quarterbacks are one of if not the most important position on the field.  They direct and move the offense of a football team and constantly handle the football.  They will either hand the football off to the running back or pass the football to a receiver.  It is very important that the quarter back have a nice football grip to avoid turning the football over by fumbling a snap, muffing a handoff, or throwing an errant pass.


Running Backs and Fullbacks Need Strong Grip                  


These two offensive positions are required to run the ball and catch the ball.  For this reason you will often see running backs with gloved hands.  It is important for these positions to have a good grip on the football to avoid turning the ball over.  Like receivers, I believe running backs and full backs would appreciate a nice dry hand grip inside of their football gloves.

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