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Avoid Wii Injuries or WiiInjuries (whine-jur-ees)   In order to avoid getting injured or sustaning a sports injury while playing Wii it is necessary to take a few precautions.  The right mind set is the perfect place to start.  Yes, the Wii is a gaming console and a toy, but t... [More]

The Importance of a Tight Pole Grip   Just for general purposes I thought of a little brain storming exercise.  I know GhostGrip can be used for a lot of different things from sports, to working with hand tools, to competitive shooting and playing your favorite video games on Wii,... [More]

Is Shooting With Sweaty Palms Effecting Your Performance I had asked this question to myself previously and I think it's a question every shooter encounters at some point.  Afterall, your hands are obviously the things responsible for handling and controlling your firearm.  So I had... [More]

A look at the importance of dry hands and good grip in football. [More]

Liquid chalk is referred to as the lotion that acts as a preventive against the syndrome of excessive sweating which is also known as hyperhydrosis. Liquid form of Chalk is predominantly used for purposes of rock climbing and weight lifting. There are also the exercises such as yoga in which Liquid chalk is used for curbing sweating hands. [More]


Published 7/22/2009 by Jeremy
Question: What Huge Open World Game May Finally Arrive on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and MAC? RAGE! Perhaps, maybe, are we there yet?  Don't know, but I recently read an article that covers some developements coming out of id Software's office in Mesquite, Texas$ of all places.&nb... [More]

Go onto Xbox live if you can On Xbox live, check out a free video of some dudes in red jump suits playing Xbox on Jimmie Fallon with no controller.  Or you can just Google it, I'm sure it's all over the web by now.  Ok, they are not actually playing Xbox on Jimmy Fallon the pers... [More]

An initial look at the second installment of a cult Xbox 360 classic. [More]

Playing Overlord to get ready for Overlord 2 [More]

A quick look at Red Faction: Guerrilla [More]

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