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Big Act To Follow

Ok, check it out, there are peeps on the net calling Call of Duty World at War the top action game right now.  All I gotta say is, fine, I still think COD4 is better.  COD4's not new though, so maybe it's not a fair comparisson.  So let's look at what else is out there block buster wise.  I can think of a few that came out in roughly the same time frame.  Gears of War 2, Mercenaries 2, Battlefield Bad Company, and a host of other shooters.  I can say, out of what I can put in the same category of COD WAW (first person shooters), I'd have to say in all fairness, yes, it's the Top Action Game.  


What Makes it Fun


Ofcourse it's a combination of things.  It starts with the awesome COD physics and gameplay.  The graphics are awesome.  One thing I especially like is that it's got that retro feel.  The use of bright colors on things like unit badges gave it a great retro feel.  I like the era correct weaponry, but the sound effects left me wanting something a little more robust.  At times I felt like I was shooting an airsoft gun or a fully auto-matic .22.  


The Zombie Level


Beat the game and you can access a zombie gametype.  Unlocking Nazi zombies allows you to play with other people online against hordes of Nazi zombies, how cool is that?  Best weapon to use here, I'd say a pistol and you always got your trusty knife!


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