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Avoid Wii Injuries or WiiInjuries (whine-jur-ees)


In order to avoid getting injured or sustaning a sports injury while playing Wii it is necessary to take a few precautions.  The right mind set is the perfect place to start.  Yes, the Wii is a gaming console and a toy, but treat it like a BB gun, with respect.  We all know that on the Wii it is necessary to make certain body movements and motions to play, so it makes sense to loosen up a bit before playing.  Here is my pre-Wii routine.

30 seconds each, calf stretch, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, shoulder strecth, back stretch.

1 minute arm windmills

1 minute alternating toe touches while having feet spread beyond shoulder width

15 Jumping Jacks

30 seconds run in place

30 seconds arm shake outs (relax arms and wrists loosely on side and shake lightly to loosen shoulders, elbows and wrists)

Deep breathing combined with shoulder shrugs and neck rolls until you feel you have the right mental attitude for Wii play.


Ok, so now we're all nice and loose and warm now what.

For one, remember it is not necessary to do really forceful moves with the Wii controller.  You are not really playing tennis, so please, don't get tennis elbow when playing Wii.  Take it quick and easy.  Smooth is what you're looking for, proper form is the key not erractic forcefull movements.

Also, make sure you use the wrist strap and have a firm but not tense grip on the controller.  Here is where a grip aid can come into play, like GhostGrip for example.


Lastly, make sure no one is with your range of motion.  This will help you avoid injury to yourself and others.  This article is just my personal opinion and tips and is not professional medical advice.  If you are experiencing pain or discomfort while playing Wii, I would suggest you stop and consult a professional.  Again, just my opinion, you should consult a doctor before attempting any exercise routine.


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