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Who's Cheating who?

We all have experienced the peeps online that cheat, we know that they're out there, maybe even one or two of them will actually stumble onto this and read it, and, like the cheating little punk that they are, try to use some sort of something to try to hack into my blog.  In actuality, who's cheating who?  What's true in life is often true in online gaming.  Like every teacher has said from the beginning of time,,, if you cheat on the test you're cheating yourself. 

Don't know the answers to begin with


Which is true, because if you have to cheat on a test, that means you're ignorant to begin with because you already know you don't have the answers and are too lazy to do the work to aquire the knowledge.  So, you may get an A on the test but remain as ignorant as ever, it's a viscious circle, my advice, cut it out or have a happy life flipping burgers.  The phenomena of cheating online is similar, in general, I think it's an overall personality flaw or maybe even bad genetics that cause it.  You may be on top of the leaderboards or you may be able to run a lot of smack in the post game lobby, but then how are you going to explain getting pooned at your friends LAN party?  Oh wait, you don't "attend" those because you already know you'd get owned by everyone there.  So now that we've called these schmoes out, let's examine a few of their "tactics".


Cheating tactics 101


My first experience in doing battle with a "cheater" had to be on Mortal Kombat on Sega Genissis and I recall to this day, the rapid fire controller.  The rapid fire controller was only the beginning.  At least back in the day, when you actually had to go to your friend's house physically to play against him, you were face to face and could tell him to switch his rapid fire off or you'd be Audi 500.  These days, you can't see the cowards on the other end, and it's not surprising that a lot of them have their rapid fire on.  So what other things are happening in the world of wussies?  How about "glitching" where players find a programming glitch in the game, like a secret hiding spot, or a hole in the bottom of that map that leads to ammo or an ambush point or whatever the case.  They will find the glitch and then abuse it and claim,,, uuhhh, it's part of the game man.  Then there's the lag switch, a switch between the gaming platform and the network. 

Turn it off and on and you're guy can run around the map gaining all sorts of competitive advantages.  I'm not too much into MMO's, but if I was, the player using bots to play the game for him, thus giving him currency to improve his character once he's done working the pizza oven at Dominoes, would piss me off.  Weinesis tend to run in packs because they all share the same character flaw, so it's not uncommon for them to work out some agreement amongst themselves to boost their numbers, status, equipment, perks, whatever the case may be by voluntarily spending time killing and being killed by eachother.  Hey man, let's meet up online tonight, I'll let you off me 200 times and then you me 200 times, that way we can get some better weopons.  Give me a break.  Get a job.  So, it's not to say that I'm some sort of stiff that plays by the rules all the time, I just don't make it a point to put money, time, and effort into being able to be a d--chebag.  

Atari 2600, the beginning 

What the!?  Slam, Atari 2600 controller goes flying across the room.  Then it's off to find a screwdriver to take the thing apart, again, and clean the contacts, especially on the lone "Little Red Fire Button".  If you know anything about old school Atari games, you know that that red button got pounded on more than,,, well, let's just say ALOT!  I don't know about you, but the thing always seemed to hit the picket lines when I was playing Moon Patrol, Dig Dug, or Star Wars (the Empire Strikes Back). 


Cool kid on the block

Right in the middle of jumping a crater, facing a flame throwing Fygar (the little green dragon dudes), or trying to get my snowspeeder to hit the little flashing square (said to be an open bomb hatch, put a round here, and you destroy the Walker in one shot) on a Walker.  I don't remember how old I was at the time I would beg my mom to go to the kids apartment that had a 2600, I just remember that that guy was the most popular dude on the block.  Kids would offer him all sorts of perks for some game time, anything from straight out sweaty stinky wet nickels, dimes, and quarters, to cold hard Hot Wheels and Go-Bots (we all knew the value of Transformers back then, come on man, what kind of fool would offer up a Transformer to play an Atari?).  I remember playing Pac-Man so much, I'd wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of the beginning of the game, it was something like,,, doo-nah-ooh-naah.  Who can forget Combat on the 2600, it was like, so many options and layouts, it was crazy and seemed realistic at the time.  


Gaming is big time

So now your probably asking yourself, what's the point here?  Video games have been the focus of millions and millions around the world, from the average citizen to being a key issue of political campaigns and government.  So where's the harm?  Looking back on my experiences being a Gamer, starting with the 2600, there are tons of valuable abilities gained.  Gaming isn't a passive event, like watching a movie, it's an active mental and physical challenge.  It requires analytical thinking, strategy, pattern recognition, and bartering skills for those unfortunate enough to not have a machine (these guys sometimes turn out to be very successful in business, having aquired negotion skills at such an early age).  However, that's not the real purpose of this first little blog here, the real purpose is to introduce myself, let you know where I'm coming from.  I have a long history of Gaming, we're talking grass roots (from a consumer's POV, I'm not a programmer, although, I did make a few games in the Basic programming language on my Commadore 64).  This doesn't mean I pretend to know all there is about gaming, or that I'm an authority at all on gaming, because I believe I share a similar background in gaming to a TON of people out there. Gaming transcends alot of things. 


My Atari 2600 may be your X-box 360 or PS3

To read or participate in this blog, you don't even have to be my age (you can judge that with the Atari references, Google it if you have too) or even close to it.  My 2600 was your Sega Genesis (or Playstation, or X-Box, etc...), besides half the Mortal Kombat population out there would probably rip my skeleton out and I'm not even gonna talk about Madden or Fight Night.  I would say I'm a slightly above average gamer when it comes to skill, but I have a passion for gaming.  That's basically it, and, oh, one more thing, to all of the younger gamers making fun of us old dudes on X-Box Live or any other online gaming service, save it, and to all you older people thinking gaming is below you, there's nothing like an online multi-player head shot to take your mind off the BS office politics you went through a few hours earlier.  Either way, it's great gaming with people of various origins, race, age, whatever, that's part of the experience.  Gaming brings us all together and allows us to talk smack at the same time.  OUT!!

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