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Rosin Bag


If you're a baseball fan or softball fan (cricket, lacrosse, rock climber, etc..), I am sure you have heard of Rosin Bags.  Well, what are Rosin Bags and why should you use them?  The answer is quite simple.  Rosin bags are simply, bags of Rosin.  Essentially, Rosin is a product of the pine tree in various shapes or forms, some you don't want to know about and some involving complicated chemical processes including the by product of manufacturing paper.  Essentially a powder of pine.  So what does rosin do?  


Rosin Leaves Rosin


Well, Rosin does serve it's purpose on a lot of athletic arenas.  Only thing is, those that have used it, know, that Rosin leaves Rosin.  Rosin, to many is uncomfortable, think of taking  dried out tree sap, crushing it to a powder, and rubbing it on your hands to get a grip or withstand moisture.  Not good, eventually it becomes irritating, sticky, smelly, and can build up on your hand or any other instrument you are handling over time.  Not to bag, no pun intended, on rosin, but hey, this isn't medevil times here, we have options.


Baggin on Rosin


Rosin and Rosin bags have served their purpose for a long long time, but, if you could have the same desired effect, minus the sticky pine dust in between you fingers and the build up, would you want to give it a shot?  


I think yes.  Rosin historically has served a single purpose, grip.  Lack of grip is caused by sweaty hands.  Rosin attempts to cure sweaty hands by coating them in powder form, which is ok, but in this day and age, do we really want all the build up and powder?  No, we want an incognito sweat agent.  That's why we have GhostGrip.  It's a non-build up hand antiperspirant that keeps your hands dry for hours minus the worry of picking up a sack of pine dust every couple minutes.  It gives you hours of sweat free controll and game play, so you don't have to think about it.  Your hands are just dry and remain dry, no build up, no tackiness, just natural, pure, dry, comfortable grip so you can concentrate and be at the top of your game.


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