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PC Game Controller Definition


A PC game controller can have many names, so let's just get a few of those out of the way first.  They can be called input devices, joysticks, joystiks, game pad, joypad, mice, steering wheels, paddle, trackball, plunger, footpad, the list goes on.  Basically a game controller is an input device that is used to control an object within a game environement that is being ran by a computing device or computer.  There are a wide variety of controllers, controller configurations and controller types and brands.  You can use the keyboard you already have as a pc game controller, as mentioned before, you can have a steering wheel, a light gun, even a replica of an aircraft cockpit, a throttle quadrant, a balance board, guitars, drums, how about a set of pedals to go with your steering wheel or a racing seat with wheel, pedals and shifter built in. The possiblities are endless.  Let's look at some of the major manufacturers.


Who Makes Game Controllers


Ok, first off let's consider that most if not all game controllers are manufactured in China or Japan by companies who's brand you will not recongnize.  So, we will not boil it all the way down to where the plastic in the controller actually comes from so to speak, so we'll just stick on major retail brands you will see at your local store.   Actually, let's skip this part of the conversation, you'll see the brands at the store anyway, which brings me to my next point.


Where Can You Buy Game Controllers


When some people think about purchasing game controllers one thing that comes to mind is where can I buy them?  I always reply with this, at the store.  Which brings me to my next point.  Actually, that was an incomplete answer.  There are a lot of big box stores out there that sell game contollers.  Some places that come to mind are Best Buy, Circuit City, Frye's, Wal-Mart etc.  However, if you want to get what you really need, you'll want to go to a shop that is more gamer focused.  Think Gamestop or Gamecrazy and if huge national chains aren't your thing, check around your township for a mom and pop video game shop, sometimes these mom and pops will even consult with you on what you want and special order it from one of thier distributors, nice!  Then there is an even more specialized place than that.  If you're into flight simulators, a lot of times, a good hobby shop will have what you need.  Like a place that sells a bunch of RC cars and planes, stuff like that.  These guys a lot of the time will also have that yolk you've been looking for or that throttle quadrant you've been dreaming about.

Then of course you can always shop online, which brings me to my next point.  No matter what controller you get, you're going to want to get your hands on a tube of GhostGrip if you want to unleash it's full potential.  Well, I mean, if you don't like playing with sweaty hands, unleashing the controller's true potential in entirely up to you young Skywalker.  

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