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Look at the Overlord Cover

If you look at the cover, it can be confusing, you gotta focus if you wanna know if the latest installment of Overlord is the second version.. Yeah, I hear yah, if you know Overlord the original, you know the diff.  I"m speaking too the people not familiar with the franchise.  The original Overlord will have an Orange kinda appeal on the cover,, Overlord II will be darker, and darker blue.  


Is that where the difference between Overlord and Overlord II ends?


Not exactly.  I've put maybe an hour into Overlord II and I gotta say, coming from someone that's played a lot of sequals, Overlord II will not dissapoint.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the differences, not only in minion control, but one glaring diference and one I've been waiting for,, you'll have an F'n map to track your progress.  While Overlord the original may feel like somewhat of a programming incompletion,, and a classic and complete game it is,, Overlord II adds just that extra to make you justify spending hours playing it.  It's a trust issue, and for all those that followed the original Overlord on faith only and invested their time in completing it, I can tell you, perhaps the trust issue has been resolved.  I'll post more as I get a little deeper in Overlord II, but for now, so far so good. 

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