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The Wii is just a toddler


At just 2 years old, the Wii has turned out some decent titles.  Here are my top 10.


10- Wii Sports  This is like the Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt of the original NES.  Why?  Not only does it ship with the system, it's also a pretty darn good universal title that almost anyone can play.  It's replay factor is through the roof.

9.  Super Paper Mario  Mario, Mario, Mario.  All the great and classic characters in primary colors but great gameplay.

8.  Boom Blox  Games like this are what the Wii is all about.  Get your friends together for some exciting play.

7.  Metroid Prime 3  One of the more sophisticated Wii games graphically and control wise.  Great title.

6.  Okami  A great cultural and storytelling experience.

5.  Mario Kart  Dude it's MarioKart

4.  Super Smash Bros. Brawl  Get some well known characters together for some fighting action, what's not to like.

3.  Super Mario Galaxy  A game that has Super and Mario in the title are gonna make a top 10 list.

2.  Animal Crossing: City Folk  

1.  World of Goo  A good fit for the Wii.  Family friendly, mentally challenging, fun, and it's good for you.

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