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Modern Warfare 2 and Good Grip Go Hand in Hand

It's no secret that Modern Warfare 2  is one, if not the best shooter to come along since, well, since Call of Duty Modern Warfare.  Like the original Modern Warefare, Modern Warefare 2 brings intense action to your gaming experience.  It has totally gone over the top, adding new weapons, new vehicles, new maps, bigger maps, new scopes, the list goes on.  The pre-game lobby is even better.  With all these upgrades comes an even greater and more intense gaming experience than the original.  Which brings me to my point, if your hands aren't sweating when playing this game in campaign mode or online, you're not trying hard enough.  To take advantage of everything this title has to offer and rank up fast, don't get caught wiping your hands on your pants, the action is too tight, too sharp, there's no time for it, unless you like taking a round to the dome piece.  You know how hard it is to snipe when your thumb slips off the thumb stick?  You're in campaign mode climbing up an ice cliff, do you think you'll have time to blow dry your paws?  How about racing a snowmobile down a mountain barely escaping trees and cliffs on either side of you, do you think a set of stickers on your controller is going to help you there?  Here's what I do, I settle in, apply some GhostGrip, and I know I'm good for hours of sweat free game play, period.  It even stays effective in between games when I have a need to reach for my favorite frosty beverage.  Speaking of online gameplay, unlock the spec-ops missions and you and others can run through some missions together online!  Sometimes you'll have a guy on the ground while you're piloting a gunship, do you really want the enemy to smoke your friend because your bright idea of putting baby powder on your hands reeked havok on your controller?  No, I didn't think so.  GhostGrip is formulated to not leave residue build up on your controller, unlike other "home remedies" out there.  GhostGrip is the real deal.


Modern Warefare 2 and Grip Review


Let's review, why is it important to have a good dry grip and maintain it while playing Modern Warfare 2.  1.  You don't want to get popped because you're wiping your hands on your pants.  2.  You want to be able to own peeps with your sniper skills.  3.  You don't want to fall off a cliff  4.  You don't want to slam you snowmobile into a old growth pine tree.  5.  You don't want to fail your partner in spec-ops and get removed from his friends list.   

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