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Overlord and Medevil?

Ok, I've blogged a bit on Medevil, a Playstation classic.  So what do these two title have in common.  Well, basically they are two games on major consoles that are outstanding, but haven't recieved the attention they deserve.  Until now, there's Overlord 2 set for release.  Now, if they only can pull their heads out and come up with a Medevil release for xbox 360 we'd be good right.  

Let's take a look at the Overlord the original ( I bet some of the peeps that worked on Medevil had a hand in this game, don't know for sure, but one can guess).

The setting is colorfull cinematic, kind of like a boat load of games from the old Playstation days, but well done.  You're the Overlord, and you have minions that you command, heck, you can even throw a few of them to their demise just to gain some of your health back and they'll happily jump to their deaths for you.  If you don't wanna swing your axe because your feeling a littly lazy or just maybe you like sending the minions to do your dirty work, have at it.  I can't really recall a game like it that's so well executed.  The Rainbow Six series comes to mind, but totally different genre.  

Henceforth Overlord 2

If you haven't played Overlord, go rent it, or scoop it up at Gamestop if you can find a copy.  It'll run you about $17, but well worth it.  Spin this classic for a few hours and you'll be primed for the new realease.  I haven't played Overlord 2 yet, but after playing the original, I can confidently say it's getting purchased and going into the coveted keepers pile. 


I'll update when I give Overlord 2 a spin, may download the demo soon and keep you posted. 


Until next time, keep your paws dry whilst your minions are ransacking villages, use GhostGrip.

Gotta play Bio Shock

If you have an Xbox 360 and you haven't played BioShock, your mommy didn't want to buy it for you, you're already turning tricks in a downtown alley to feed yourself so you just can't afford it, or you're in denial.  Ofcourse there is the possibility that you could be one of those people that don't play open market releases, you like to stick to independant labels and underground stuff, or games your friends made.  If the latter is the case, BioShock has something in it for you too. 


The Medevil series


Having said that, this is one of the funnest games I have played.  The story line is excellent, the artwork and gameplay, fantastic.  The game just sucks you in and doesn't let go.  I like to recommend and I think I've mentioned this already, a game called MedEvil on the PS1, and MedEvil2, equally as good as the original.  These two titles weren't huge block buster hits, but they were two of the best games to come out on the PS1.  Sir. Daniel Fortesque would bitch slap Lara Croft any day, but we all still liked Tomb Raider, fine, Tomb Raider was good for it's time and she was hot, but MedEvil kicks it.


Why not a bigger hit?


The same can be said about BioShock, it was a good hit, but I think it should have been a bigger hit.  Bottom line on BioShock is, get it and play it if you haven't.  It's one of those rare games, I call them keepers.  I've played tons of games on my 360, and only have a handfull that I'm not taking back to the store for trade in credits,,, ever.  Just like my copies of MedEvil 1 and 2, heck, now that I'm thinking about it, I may as well sledghammer some zombies tonight.  Oh yeah, one more thing, for you PS3 people, I think you can get this game on your network, you sure as hell aren't getting your hands on my copies.

 Gears breaking new ground?

For some of you, I may be preaching to the choire, you may know other titles that have proceeded my experience in this matter.  To me, when Gears of War came out, the cover, peak around the corner, etc, came from a great game.  Syphon Filter, to me, was the first game to actually capitalize on this type of game play on the Playstation. 

For you that have not played the original on PS1, do it, if you have access to one, Syphon Filter 1 and it's sequal are games worth playing.  For many of you Gears of War was your first experience taking cover and firing around corners, but for many others, we can remeniss this type of game play (although it may have been perpitrated by previous titles) Syphon Filter was actually the first game, in my opinion, to actually have the AI and the character interactions succeed at the same time, in a harmonious fashion. 

Laying the groundwork

Laying the road for block busters like GOW.  So when you're ducking behind a burnt car and blindfiring at some fool, pay homanage to one of the greatest games on PS1 ever made.  I can't wait for GOW2, look forward to chainsawing some chumps.  Look forward to me blogging on some other great PS1 games, like Medevil, Fable, and let's not forget, Tenchu, dude,,,, are you kidding me?  Yes, the PS came out with the shizzzooohhh back in the day, hope they can pull their head out of their a$$ and come up with some stuff that'll make me fork out half a G to buy a PS3, untill next time,, see you on Xbox Live.

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