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Idiopathic Eccrice Hidradenitis or PlayStation Palmar Hidradenitis

For those lacking a degree in science, that title may be a lot to swallow.  Let's break it down real quick, because it is a real medical condition.  Idiopathic Eccrice Hidradenitis symptoms include red sore lumps that occur on the hands or feet and usually occurs in athletes that do repetitive motion which involves sweating and friction, long distance running for example.   Ofcourse, when we are referring to PlayStation Palmar Hidrandenitis we are referring to the condition as it refers to a gamer who plays with sweaty hands for an extensive amount of time.  "It's thought that the problem was caused by tight and continious grasping of the consoles hand grips and repeated pushing of the buttons, alongside sweating cause by the tension of the game".


At least that's what they're calling it in Switzerland and we all know how awesome Switzerland is.  Dermatologists recommend keeping your hands as dry as possible limiting your use of a console controller if you begin to experience discomfort, redness or soreness. 


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