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You can get sweaty palms while or from doing a lot of things


Sweaty palms happen due to a lot of things.  I'm not professing to be a doctor or give medical advice, but I can say that I get sweaty palms when I play video games.  Why?  Well, because it's a competitive activity, whether your playing against the computer or someone online.  So what can we do to prevent sweaty palms while gaming? 


All kinds of advice.


Sweaty palms is a common problem among gamers.  I've seen the topic come up time and again on blogs and forums, etc...  They all have pretty much the same ole solutions, solutions which a lot of us just don't find satisfactory.  Things like, wash your hands before playing, or, wipe your hands on your shirt (or pants), or, wear socks on your hands, or, cut the finger tips off some gardening gloves, or, put chalk on your hands,,, etc...   Thing is, we want to PREVENT sweaty palms, not inconvenience ourselves or look like a tool shed.


Acceptable solutions.


So what's are the acceptable solutions.  We know stopping to wipe your hands off is interruptive to game play, and if you have to pause the game, that's just not right, and if you don't pause, you risk getting plinked in the head by a 3-round burst or getting your lid busted from a sick board check.  Is putting something between your hands and the controller the answer?  I don't think so.  Things like hand gloves and controller gloves make for a bulky feel that is unintended by the manufacturer, not only that, you run the risk of looking like a complete tool if you show up to a gaming session sporting that sorta gear.  Other stuff may work, like chalk or baby powder for example, but that's messy and can cake up and ruin your controller.  How about something that you can rub on your hands and it disappears, preventing your hands from sweating, giving you a natural and comfortable feel for the controller???  Wish you knew where you could find some stuff like that?  Try Ghostgrip.com.


Tell next time, hands dry, OUT!


 Gears of War 2 Now On Sale

Gears of War 2 is out, and for the past weekend or so, I've been applying the GhostGrip in steady 4 hour doses to keep my hands dry as the online play for Gears is ridicoulous.  Initial thoughts, wow, I really am impressed with the pre-game lobby.  They've basically taken the best of pre-game lobbies and combined them into one.  On top of that, you can practice by yourself or with friends by setting up a match with bots.  This will allow you and your friends to work on your technique and strategy on different maps. 


 Horde Mode Yo

Nice.  Also, in the new Horde mode, you can just have the game send you a steady supply of enemies to dispatch.  Now, that all sounds wonderful, so here's the bad, stinking grenades on walls... absolutely flawed and uncalled for.  #1. it's almost impossible to see the things when you're running around trying to find someone to shoot at.  #2.  Just the very way that they work is encouraging overuse and abuse by wussies.  Those two things combined do not make for very good game play.  Till next time,,, keep your hands dry.

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