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If you have X-box Live, Download the demo:

Here's the thing with this game, if you like destroying things, download the Demo off X-box live, play the Demo mission, turn off your X-box, dig through any games you've been waiting to trade in, and head to Gamestop and buy it.  Those we my steps in exact order and the smile on my face is even bigger now.  

Things that make Red Faction: Guerrilla great.

A few things that stand out on this one.  For one, the concept is great, you're on Mars battling a controlling force and part of your guerrilla warfare is destroying everything in your path.  Secondly, what it takes to accomplish this in terms of gameplay and manueverability is smooth as silk.  We're talking Call Of Duty smooth (close to it at least).  Also, don't be afraid to put you speakers to work, the sounds of your destruction will keep draw you even further into the game.   Also, forget about jumping into a vehicle and have it handle like a complete POS, the vehicles in this game handle amazingly well and most are well armed. 


Online Multi-Player Breakthroughs 


Wrecking Crew mode!?!  Yeah, you heard right, the goal is to rack up the most points by destroying as much of your surrounding as possible, I know, I know.  Also, show a little more of your creative side in death match games.  Why cap one opponent in the head when you can just collapse a building and waste multiple opponents at once?  I know, I know.  


So what are you waiting for?  

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