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Controller Grip Is Important to PS3 Players

Recent studies have shown that have a good dry grip on your gaming controller is important.  Not only can it help you become a more competitve gamer, it can also help you avoid Playstation Palm.  A medical condition charactarized by a redness and tenderness of the palm and caused for friction between your hands and the game controller.    

What's Available To Help Get a Better Contoller Grip

Fortunately there are solutions to sweaty hands.  Among them are hand antiperspirants such as GhostGrip.  These are a lotion or liquid that prevent your hands from sweating.  GhostGrip works for up to four hours per application, is none staining, and washes off easily with soap and water.  You can also use other things to keep your hands dry such as talc, rossin, pine tar, saw dust, etc.  Problem with these solutions is that they are messy and will leave a build up on your controller or can leave residue inside the controller leading to controller failure.  There are also other solutions to the problem including perscription medication and surgery, but if you get sweaty hands from gaming, some of these methods may seem to be a little overkill.  

So to recap, you've been invited to your friends house for some PS3 action and when you get there you go to give him a handshake and you grab his hand to shake it and he squinches in pain.  You wonder what is going one, so you take a look at his hands and they're all red and sore.  You ask him what's up and he tells you he has Playstation Palms because his hands sweat when he plays PS3. Now let's pause it right there, here is the perfect opportunity to break out the tube of GhostGrip you carry with you and educate your buddy on why it's important to play with a dry set of paws while gaming, however, you have now reached a moral impass.  Do you help your friend out, thus, bypassing all the future trash talking and beat downs you'll be handing him on PS3 because you have dry hands and he has Playstation Palms, or do you keep GhostGrip a secret and continue to own your friend in every game out there?  That my friend is something you will have to answer for yourself.

So let’s take a look at both scenarios to help you better decide how you will handle the issue. Let’s say you go with option A.  You’re going to break out your tube of GhostGrip and educate your friend. 
After all, this is your buddy and it’s the right thing to do, look at him, he’s suffering and you can help.  Possible outcome to this are that he will really appreciate at first, take your advice use GhostGrip and then proceed to either own you in the future because now you are an even playing field or he will take your advice use GhostGrip and provide you with a more worthy opponent, thus increasing the level of your game and working out good for both of you. 

So I guess introduce the dude to GhostGrip unless you’re scared he’s got more skills than you.  Option b is let your boy continue to try to deal with his sweaty hands while gaming, thus allowing you to easily own him and laugh as you watch his anguish in getting defeated while dealing with a slippery controller. 

At this point, this is kind of like Fable, do you want to be the good guy or the bad guy?  Problem with option b is it’s just not right.  While it may offer temporary enjoyment, it’s just not a good long term strategy for you or your friend.  For one, you’re going to get bored owning all the time and for two, that’s not going to help you improve your own skills.  We all know it’s fun laying a beat down on your friend on PS3, but it’s also fun doing it online to a stranger.  Introducing your buddies to GhostGrip will ultimately help you take your game to the next level and showcase your skills in a bigger arena.  So, we choose option b at first obviously.  You beat up on your friend for a little on PS3 and then when he’s crumpled up crying and pouting this is the moment we spring out the GhostGrip and say, check this out.  Be careful here though cause you got to preface your approach.  Don’t get to trigger happy, set it up with something like, “You know Bob, I’ve been owning you all day on the PS3 and it’s getting a little boring, I know that my skills are far superior to yours, so I have no problem letting you in on a little secret…”  That’s when you break out the GhostGrip and say, “Check this out.  This isn’t entirely the reason you’ve been getting thrashed all day, but you’re my friend, and I can’t continue to see you suffer and struggle.  Besides, like I said, I need you to be a little more competitive because you’re bringing my game down by sucking so bad.  I’m going to leave this here for you, take a couple days off and let yourself heal up and then use this next time you play.  Get some practice in, I’ll stop by next weekend to check in with you and this time I don’t want you crying like a little baby cause you’re getting worked.  If you run out, go to GhostGrip.com and order a two pack, one for you and one to pay me back.”That should do it, leave the tube of GhostGrip, you can always order more at GhostGrip.com. 

The key here is to make sure you stay sharp.  Remember, your buddy is now using GhostGrip and his skills may be rapidly improving, you don’t want to go back there and walk into a dang hornet’s nest and get worked yourself.  Tell next time.



Football Grip No Glove or Inside Glove



There are several positions, if not all, that a football player would require a good grip.  Why is grip key to playing football?  To begin with, not only is grip required for football players who handle the football, what about those that don’t?  Grip in football is necessary for a variety of reasons. 


Linemen Need Football Grip


Let’s start with linemen.  It’s necessary for them to have good grip even though they rarely handle the football.  The  need a nice dry grip to be able to tackle effectively and also to manipulate the opposition.  I’m sure a lineman wouldn’t be too happy having a running back slip past them due to sweaty hands.  That being said, sweaty hands can happen if your hands are not gloves as well as if your hands were inside a glove.  Maybe even more so if your hands are inside a glove. 

 Receivers and Defensive Backs Need Football Grip


Which brings me to receivers and defensive backs.  These are two of the most prominent positions in football when it comes to needing to have a good grip inside a glove.  These are very active positions on the football field.  For this reason, these guys can have issues with sweaty hands inside their gloves.  Two of the most important positions in the game because of the fact that they are involved in catching a football that is passed through the air by the quarter back.  I’m sure receivers and defensive backs have dropped a few footballs before due to sweaty hands, bare or inside of a glove.

 Quartbacks and Football Grip


Quarterbacks are one of if not the most important position on the field.  They direct and move the offense of a football team and constantly handle the football.  They will either hand the football off to the running back or pass the football to a receiver.  It is very important that the quarter back have a nice football grip to avoid turning the football over by fumbling a snap, muffing a handoff, or throwing an errant pass.


Running Backs and Fullbacks Need Strong Grip                  


These two offensive positions are required to run the ball and catch the ball.  For this reason you will often see running backs with gloved hands.  It is important for these positions to have a good grip on the football to avoid turning the ball over.  Like receivers, I believe running backs and full backs would appreciate a nice dry hand grip inside of their football gloves.

Liquid chalk is referred to as the lotion that acts as a preventive against the syndrome of excessive sweating which is also known as hyperhydrosis. Liquid form of Chalk is predominantly used for purposes of rock climbing and weight lifting. There are also the exercises such as yoga in which Liquid chalk is used for curbing sweating hands. Chalk that is liquid helps in inhibiting the perspiration of your hands and feet. Chalk in its powdered form is often used as an antiperspirant. Liquid types of Chalk are also used for giving a good grip to your hands.

Advantages of using Liquid Chalk


There are several advantages of using Liquid chalk. Liquid chalk, to start with, is different from the balls of Chalk since it has non dust properties. It is something that is responsible for preventing the creation of a mess. The yoga practitioner is the person who must remember this fact in mind. The Liquid powders and solutions are used for various types of gripping purposes. If you want to go for an effective Chalk antiperspirant, it is best for going for the Ghost Grip lotion that allows you to fight sweaty hands.

Liquid chalk is used in a variety of sports as rock climbing, golf, bowling, gymnastics, and weight lifting. Chalk that is Liquid is made of non toxic components. Liquid chalk includes:


  • Magnesium carbonate
  • Thickening agent
  • Mild perfume


Far from being a slippery substance, Liquid chalk is something that is in fact rather manageable. Chalk is thus toned down to go back to the liquid version which is indeed quite helpful for the players as well as athletes. Liquid chalks are used in various forms, one of them being the fluid one. It can be applied both to the hands as well as the feet for improving the grip of your hands as well as in the reduction of sweat.


Chalk Solutions

Chalk solutions alleviate the process of perspiration if it is spread on the ends of the yoga mat or applied on the hands and feet in minimal quantities. You can also focus on your training or competition, as the liquidation reduces dust inhaling, particularly while you are rock climbing. The lotion prevents sweat and enhances adhesion process without being shoddy. Liquidated chalks work in cold conditions.

Chalk powders are generally used as the traditional versions of the Chalk solutions and alcohol and acetone. Liquid soluble versions are used, although they are not as effective in prevention of soiling as the Liquid chalks. The watery chalks are powdered solutions that do not stain your clothing too. Moreover, you do not inhale it like the dust. The watery chalks are available to the users in the form of 250 ml plastic bottles which can also be resold. So, the solution to bettering the hand grip of a person is that you get liquidated Chalk. Other than helping reduce sweating to a great extent, it also improves physical grip and betters your performance.


Did someone say Wii rubber?


Ok, ok,, for most of us, ehh,, hmmm,, we can equate the use of the above mentioned substance to equal less sensativity.  Now, I don't know if you can officially say that the slip covers, gel covers, whatever covers that are made for the Nintendo Wii controllers are made out of rubber or not, the fact is, they are rather,, rubber-ish.  With that said, is there an alternative to putting a germ catching jelly jacket over your Wii controller?  I think so. 


Nintendo Wii Controller Sweat = Slippage


So, why the rubber controllers?  Maybe because the Wii remote was slipping out of players hands, threating LCD and Plasma screens everywhere.  What causes slippage, hmmm, maybe clammy clam shuckers, muggy mitts, greasy grubbers,  basically, sweaty hands.  So if you own a Wii and sweaty hands are causing you problems with controlling your controller, cut the problem off at the pass and get some help for those damp clampers.  For some, putting a bulky cover on the Wii remote is just not right.  It gets in the way, it's distracting, it's not natural.  If that's you, get some GhostGrip, shake it, put a dime size dab in your palm, rub your hands together, clap a few times, and GhostGrip will gently coat your grippers with a moisture preventing barrier, giving you a natural feel and grip on your controller.  


No need to wrap it, just get some GhostGrip, clap it and slap it..



You can get sweaty palms while or from doing a lot of things


Sweaty palms happen due to a lot of things.  I'm not professing to be a doctor or give medical advice, but I can say that I get sweaty palms when I play video games.  Why?  Well, because it's a competitive activity, whether your playing against the computer or someone online.  So what can we do to prevent sweaty palms while gaming? 


All kinds of advice.


Sweaty palms is a common problem among gamers.  I've seen the topic come up time and again on blogs and forums, etc...  They all have pretty much the same ole solutions, solutions which a lot of us just don't find satisfactory.  Things like, wash your hands before playing, or, wipe your hands on your shirt (or pants), or, wear socks on your hands, or, cut the finger tips off some gardening gloves, or, put chalk on your hands,,, etc...   Thing is, we want to PREVENT sweaty palms, not inconvenience ourselves or look like a tool shed.


Acceptable solutions.


So what's are the acceptable solutions.  We know stopping to wipe your hands off is interruptive to game play, and if you have to pause the game, that's just not right, and if you don't pause, you risk getting plinked in the head by a 3-round burst or getting your lid busted from a sick board check.  Is putting something between your hands and the controller the answer?  I don't think so.  Things like hand gloves and controller gloves make for a bulky feel that is unintended by the manufacturer, not only that, you run the risk of looking like a complete tool if you show up to a gaming session sporting that sorta gear.  Other stuff may work, like chalk or baby powder for example, but that's messy and can cake up and ruin your controller.  How about something that you can rub on your hands and it disappears, preventing your hands from sweating, giving you a natural and comfortable feel for the controller???  Wish you knew where you could find some stuff like that?  Try Ghostgrip.com.


Tell next time, hands dry, OUT!

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