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Ok, so my last blog has been a few moons ago, why?  I've been playing Mercs2 in online co-op mode with a buddy of mine, and I gotta tell you, at first, it takes a bit to learn the game and how things work, but once you build on it and actually give it some time and effort, the game is just good ole fashion fun, kinda like the original Duke Nukem, but more sophisticated.  Thing is, the game has pretty decent flow once you get into it, there is know putting a 1/2 hour into getting to a situation only to realize, you should of brought a tank with you instead of a helicopter.

CoolBottom line...

Bottom line here on Mercs2 is give it some time, let it develope, find a friend online you can play the co-op mode with, and you will be surprised.  Gotta say, this game is underated and worth a shot.


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