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Did someone say Wii rubber?


Ok, ok,, for most of us, ehh,, hmmm,, we can equate the use of the above mentioned substance to equal less sensativity.  Now, I don't know if you can officially say that the slip covers, gel covers, whatever covers that are made for the Nintendo Wii controllers are made out of rubber or not, the fact is, they are rather,, rubber-ish.  With that said, is there an alternative to putting a germ catching jelly jacket over your Wii controller?  I think so. 


Nintendo Wii Controller Sweat = Slippage


So, why the rubber controllers?  Maybe because the Wii remote was slipping out of players hands, threating LCD and Plasma screens everywhere.  What causes slippage, hmmm, maybe clammy clam shuckers, muggy mitts, greasy grubbers,  basically, sweaty hands.  So if you own a Wii and sweaty hands are causing you problems with controlling your controller, cut the problem off at the pass and get some help for those damp clampers.  For some, putting a bulky cover on the Wii remote is just not right.  It gets in the way, it's distracting, it's not natural.  If that's you, get some GhostGrip, shake it, put a dime size dab in your palm, rub your hands together, clap a few times, and GhostGrip will gently coat your grippers with a moisture preventing barrier, giving you a natural feel and grip on your controller.  


No need to wrap it, just get some GhostGrip, clap it and slap it..



The dictionary defines roost in its noun form as

1. a support on which birds rest

2. a place where winged animals and especially birds custamarily roost.


What?  So if I'm a bat or a flying squirrel, or a dude wearing a Batman costume, I'm a second class citizen when it comes to the act of roosting?

Having just gotten back from hang gliding, I wasn't satisfied with that, so I dug deeper.  The dictionary definition of the "verb" roost goes something like this.

1.  to settle down for rest or sleep: Perch

2.  to settle oneself as if on a roost

Bingo!!!  #2.  to settle oneself as if on a roost,,, perfect,, no need to search the urban dictionary on this one, the real dictionary has it covered.  So, by way of translation, the act of roosting can also be interpreted into meaning that if one is engaged in the act of roosting than the item that that being is roosting on can be called a roost.  Hence the title of this post, Past Gaming Roosts.

As a kid, when I went to my friends house to play Atari I sat on a stuffed turtle, I can remember playing Mortal Combat while roosting on an upside down five gallon bucket, there's the edge of the sofa, I've roosted on a coffee table or two to play.  Can't forget the good ole bar stool to play Centipede.  A pilates ball, tried to get into that to work out, but I think the problem was that the thing was too close to the tv and the xbox.  Everyone's sat on a chair pulled from the kitchen table, or maybe even a lawn chair from the backyard.  I've been known to roost in a folding camping chair while gaming. Haven't ever had one of those "gaming chairs" with the speakers built in and cup holders and all that stuff, but they might be a good roost.  My current roost, is a fiberglass racing seat out of a friends retired drag car.  It's pretty comfy, I'm planning at some point to mount it to a perch of some sort, maybe a spring with a base or something so I can kick it back a little and get it off the ground a bit.  Send in some pics of your favorite roost.




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