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Resident Evil 5 Due Out Soon


Knowing Resident Evil 5 is due out soon and knowing what a great franchise it has been in the past, I downloaded the demo off X-Box live for a little co-op action with the little bro the other night and I gotta say,, interesting.  I liked this game for a few reasons.  Character controls were sound and made sense.  Graphics were awesome.  Player movement and environement interaction were good and smooth, very little frustrating hang ups.  Like when you're trying to dash up some stairs and you get hung up on crap for no reason,, I hate that.  So, for 1, all in all, the game was smooth, which is probably one of the first things I look for.


What Puts It Over The Top?


Having good graphics and smooth movement on the field of battle is one thing, but what really stood out to me on this title was the AI, or Artificial Intelligence.  I can't really recall a game right now that I'd compare it to.  The AI metering is such that you can actually feel the build up happening and try to anticipate your game play to handle it.  In other words, if you prepare in advance, you can coordinate a game plan to handle the onslaught of enemies, but in such a way that it is truly challenging, engaging and ever changing. The AI adapts to your game plan and does it well, so prepare to think on your toes. Not much in the way of linear gameplay here, you gotta know what's up, act and react to the enemy.  It's kind of hard to describe, but it's spot on, and Resident Evil 5 does it better than any game I've played so far.


Why This Matters?


Having this quality is key, and games like Call of Duty 4 and 5 get it up to a point, however, Res5 makes it a little more real.  Any good shooter is gonna give you plenty of enemies to site down on and a lot of them do this well.  It's just the way the action unfolds in Res5 that in my opinion makes it unique and engaging.  To put it simply, there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Res5, again, has achieved this unraveling of game play and refined it to a point I've yet to witness and the most impressive thing about this is that it plays perfectly into this titles strong hand, which is to provide ground breaking online co-op play.  Ammo seems limited and valuable in this game, which it should be. 


Game Hint:

You and your team mate can handle different weapons but may be too busy at the time to get the ammo you need for your weopon.  So pick up the ammo for the weopons your buddy needs if he can't get to it and give it to him when you guys can catch a breather.  He should do the same for you.


Gamer Hint:


If you're looking for something that you can play co-op online with your friend and you like shooters, get Resident Evil 5, period, exclamation point, and get some GhostGrip while you're at it.  You don't wanna slip up when you know 20 more hostiles are out there sniffin you out.  


Get Resident Evil 5, get your GhostGrip, Dab Rub Clap, and remember,,, watch your precious ammo,you're gonna need it.



 Gears breaking new ground?

For some of you, I may be preaching to the choire, you may know other titles that have proceeded my experience in this matter.  To me, when Gears of War came out, the cover, peak around the corner, etc, came from a great game.  Syphon Filter, to me, was the first game to actually capitalize on this type of game play on the Playstation. 

For you that have not played the original on PS1, do it, if you have access to one, Syphon Filter 1 and it's sequal are games worth playing.  For many of you Gears of War was your first experience taking cover and firing around corners, but for many others, we can remeniss this type of game play (although it may have been perpitrated by previous titles) Syphon Filter was actually the first game, in my opinion, to actually have the AI and the character interactions succeed at the same time, in a harmonious fashion. 

Laying the groundwork

Laying the road for block busters like GOW.  So when you're ducking behind a burnt car and blindfiring at some fool, pay homanage to one of the greatest games on PS1 ever made.  I can't wait for GOW2, look forward to chainsawing some chumps.  Look forward to me blogging on some other great PS1 games, like Medevil, Fable, and let's not forget, Tenchu, dude,,,, are you kidding me?  Yes, the PS came out with the shizzzooohhh back in the day, hope they can pull their head out of their a$$ and come up with some stuff that'll make me fork out half a G to buy a PS3, untill next time,, see you on Xbox Live.

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