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Release Dates for October

Published 10/11/2009 by Jeremy

October Game Releases


The season is upon us.  We all know that October kicks off a run of blockbuster titles.  Let's see what October 2009 has in store for us.



Get you ODST Rookie figure



Alpha Protocol PS3 360 

Demons Souls PS3 

GTA Chinatown Wars PSP


NBA 2K10 PS3 360 Wii PS2 PC PSP

NBA LIVE 10 PS3 360 PC

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising PS3 360

Painkiller Resurection  PC

Ringling Bros Barnum and Baily Circus Wii DS

Saw PS3 360



Brutal Legend PS3 360

Cars  PS3 360 PS2 PSP DS

Cop The Recruit DS

Fallout 3 360 PS3 PC

Imagine Artist DS

Ju-On The Grudge Wii

Learn Chess DS

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Games DS

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes DS

Petz DS

Silent Hill Shattered Memories Wii PS2 PSP

Spore Hero Wii

Squeeballs Party Wii DS

Sushi Academy DS

Tony Hawk Ride PS3 360

Uncharted 2 Among Thieve PS3

Way of the Samurai 3 PS3

Where the Wild Things Are PS3 360 Wii DS



Astro Boy Wii PS2 PSP DS

Bukagan PS3 360 PS2 PSP DS

Ben 10 360 Wii PS2 PSP DS

Borderlands PS3 360

CSI Deadly Intent 360 Wii PC DS

Diner Dash DS

Dragon Ball Wii

Fifa 10 PS3 360 Wii PS2 DS

Half Minute Hero PSP

Korg DS-10 Plus DS

Lips #1 Hits 360

Marvel Super Hero Squad Wii PS2 PSP DS

Naruto Wii

Remington North American Bird Hunter Wii

Secret Saturdays Wii PS2 PSP DS


Come back later for these titles, there's a bunch.  I'll post these next blog. 

Gotta play Bio Shock

If you have an Xbox 360 and you haven't played BioShock, your mommy didn't want to buy it for you, you're already turning tricks in a downtown alley to feed yourself so you just can't afford it, or you're in denial.  Ofcourse there is the possibility that you could be one of those people that don't play open market releases, you like to stick to independant labels and underground stuff, or games your friends made.  If the latter is the case, BioShock has something in it for you too. 


The Medevil series


Having said that, this is one of the funnest games I have played.  The story line is excellent, the artwork and gameplay, fantastic.  The game just sucks you in and doesn't let go.  I like to recommend and I think I've mentioned this already, a game called MedEvil on the PS1, and MedEvil2, equally as good as the original.  These two titles weren't huge block buster hits, but they were two of the best games to come out on the PS1.  Sir. Daniel Fortesque would bitch slap Lara Croft any day, but we all still liked Tomb Raider, fine, Tomb Raider was good for it's time and she was hot, but MedEvil kicks it.


Why not a bigger hit?


The same can be said about BioShock, it was a good hit, but I think it should have been a bigger hit.  Bottom line on BioShock is, get it and play it if you haven't.  It's one of those rare games, I call them keepers.  I've played tons of games on my 360, and only have a handfull that I'm not taking back to the store for trade in credits,,, ever.  Just like my copies of MedEvil 1 and 2, heck, now that I'm thinking about it, I may as well sledghammer some zombies tonight.  Oh yeah, one more thing, for you PS3 people, I think you can get this game on your network, you sure as hell aren't getting your hands on my copies.

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