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Glad I got your attention.  Thing is, I've owned all of the game consols mentioned in the title, and no, I don't live in my mom's basement, and yes, I do have good hygeine. Hopefully, actually, most likely, there are gamers out there that can relate to the main point ... [More]

Ok, so my last blog has been a few moons ago, why?  I've been playing Mercs2 in online co-op mode with a buddy of mine, and I gotta tell you, at first, it takes a bit to learn the game and how things work, but once you build on it and actually give it some time and effort, the game is jus... [More]

Finally got to sniff a little more Mercenaries 2.  Latest I heard, thing got like a 5 rating, sub-par.  Thing is, how did it get that and GTA IV got a 10?  Actually, the gameplay that's not GTA VI 'esque on Mercs2 is tolerable.  As you can tell, I'm not a huge fan ... [More]

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